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01-11-2013, 20:56
It was decided to take my 14 yr old to south Wales for his school half term break, and help my father with rebuilding his stone garage.
We set off from Sheffield at about 5pm and head for the Cleddon POI near Trelleck, near Monmouth south Wales. Our intention was to overnight on the POI and then brave the very narrow road leading to my parents house the following day and spend the week in a family friends wooded area, where they have a very old, damp, rotten and unusable static caravan.
We overnighted on the Friday on the POI and carefully drove down the tight lane on the Saturday to the family cottage. 18069 We then slowly made our way over a narrow bridge, 18070 heading towards the gate to the woods, 18071 and that's when we had our first problem. It had been persistently raining, which meant we could not get any grip, and we came to a spinning halt.
My father came out with his pull jack 18072 and a couple of hours later we managed to get the m/h into the woods and parked up for the night. 18074
The following day after a breakfast of toast and special Marmite, 18073 we thought it best to turn the m/h round in the woods, but the front (driving) wheels were sunk in! Out comes the pull jack again... to cut a very active story shorter..it took us 3 days to eventually turn the m/h round and onto some driveway slabs that we had to uncover with shovels, that had been laid many years before, only suitable for the width of car tyres. 18075
The m/h stayed there for the remainder of the week whilst I assisted my dad with his garage (albeit 3 days short of the time I wanted to spend on it). There was so much rain that the small bridge was unable to cope with the extra water, so the stream went over the bridge! 18078
This morning it was time to get off the wooded area, and I knew we would have a problem, especially with the wet ground. I was able to maintain one side of the m/h wheels on some paving slabs, but came to a spinning halt just before the gate. Father to the rescue! He backed up his Seat Alhambra, hooked on a rope and pulled the 4 tonne m/h out the mud and back up onto the road. 18076
I shall not be parking there again, and have learned some valuable lessons, some good exercise and a muddy m/h.
I utilised some plastic ladder tracks 18077 which I bought a while back, and they helped a little, but usually they were pushed right into the ground by the weight of the vehicle. I shall be investigating the possibilities of fitting an electric winch under the huge bonnet, so that I can self rescue in future.
I also used a new dash cam on this trip and it seems quite good quality. 18079 It has a forward facing camera and a separate camera on a 5m cable, which is designed to stick to the rear window (if you have one) I pointed this camera at my vehicle rear view camera monitor to video at the back, I shall try to show some footage once I find out how to show it on here. :D

01-11-2013, 21:17
Excellent report & piccies, thank you. It is lovely to hear of other's adventures.

02-11-2013, 10:12
At the Cleddon POI
18083 18084 18085 18086 18087

john t
02-11-2013, 10:31
I know the static van looks tatty, but if ya put something nice there in it's place, that would/looks like a great place to retire to....


02-11-2013, 10:43
I kiow the static van looks tatty, but if ya put something nice there in it's place, that would/looks like a great place to retire to....


Yes.. How on earth they managed to get that static in, I will never know. We had to winch the m/h in and it is a lot shorter than the caravan.
I see a twin axle 6 berth caravan going in there. If it takes 3 days to get it in, it don't matter, cos it will bleedin stay in there til it rots like the old green one currently there, which is very old, cos I used to go there as a child to watch slide shows with family... er... over 40 years ago. :)

02-11-2013, 12:13
fwd and 3 axles = bother off road. (or even on twisting slippery roads.)

02-11-2013, 12:30
fwd and 3 axles = bother off road. (or even on twisting slippery roads.)

First time I have had trouble with this vehicle since I bought it in February this year. It has ASR facility which stops the slipping wheel and transfers drive to the other wheel. I have been places where my last motorhome would not let me, but it met it's match at this location.
If only it had six wheel drive!:idea-007: