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02-11-2013, 09:56
Hi all,

After a great week with the grandaughter at Marjal camping site at Guardamar they would only extend our ACSI rate to seven day's and we needed one more day to be near the Airport for the return flight.I found out its a Spanish bank holiday weekend and in was filling up with lots of locals and lots of Ankle biters so was happy to move,but not sure if we could find something for the weekend still close to the airport.As the granddaughter had not had a Mc Donalds for five day's I said we will drive into Alicante and find one.But of course it's Spain and the shops are shut,so they don't need the money.Returning back along the coast we pulled in to Santa Pola that we had passed on the way out only to find a open Mc D with a useful peace of waste land to park the motorhome.Santa Pola has a ACSI site 2225 BAHI DE SANTA POLA that sits at the back of the town over looking the town and Salt bed that have Pink Flamingo's,so we gave it a try and booked for a few nights.Up early for airport run with the van and I have to drive in drive out then pick pat up again after about half an hour,not ideal put the don't cater for motorhomes.One more thing some one suggested on here that I use the local supermarket Mercadona for the larger plastic bottles of wine,so we passed by Lidel to give it a try it but no large wine but nice prawns, meat etc.Now the bad bit three tills open(9.30),each queue eight deep,and when I get to the checkout bit and offer them a Visa card they what ID,Passport mothers maiden name Fathers inside leg measurement.So back to the van for passport from safe. !!! not impressed at all.Any way we are having a great time sun is hot sky is blue,off to new adventures day after tomorrow.Off to Bar it's BEER O'clock.What was that Supermarket called.??:lol-049::lol-049::lol-049::lol-049::lol-049::lol-049::cheers::cheers::cheers:


02-11-2013, 10:08
If you cant find anywhere near the airport let me know I can tell you somewhere to park very close to but it,s not a campsite:wave:

02-11-2013, 11:47
Interesting post Snowbird. Next stop was possibly Marjal but now a bit concerned that they limited the ACSI rate. Was this because of demand on the site or am I missing something that limits the nights within the ACSI conditions?

02-11-2013, 12:04
Santa Pola also has a municipal site - not the best of surroundings, but its has free wifi & it was cheap the last time we were there.