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02-11-2013, 13:45

02-11-2013, 14:02

And we thought that WE carried a load of junk!

sorry, couldn't resist that, you really shouldn't set them up so well! :tongue:

02-11-2013, 14:06
Is that half ? .................................... LOL

The amount of stuff / junk we carry around with us it would fill your entire conservatory.

n brown
02-11-2013, 14:07
a whole tin of ''Celebrations'' ?

02-11-2013, 14:13

n brown
02-11-2013, 14:21
oh that's ok then,as long as it was for a good cause !Roses chocolate tins are good for storing odd bits of string and dead batteries,might be worth getting a second one for those keys that don't fit anything,dead biros and old paper bags .

02-11-2013, 14:29
I'm emptying my van at the moment to finish off insulation and some DIY jobs, and my kitchen looks similar, but with bedding, cushions, dog beds etc. I need either a bigger van or a bigger house :)

02-11-2013, 14:53

02-11-2013, 16:00
Must be a girl thing to carry so much junk :pc:

I've threatened to make a trailer for Mrs R's junk, shoe's, boots, handbags to match shoe's & boots, the list goes on :rolleyes2:

02-11-2013, 19:44
I've never been good at travelling light, I need to have things "just in case" for every possible type of weather, problem, activity etc. The problem with having so much stuff in the van is that it's packed away out of sight and then forgotten and not used, or else it's too much hassle to get at it and then to put it back again. So I've realised that less is definitely more and am now trying to remove anything that I've never used unless it's absolutely essential.

Herbenny, it's a good time to pick up cheap camping mats in discount shops etc and they are great for stopping rattles etc, you can use them to line cupboards, easy to cut to shape, or cut smaller pieces to wedge in awkward spots or even cut a piece to go round a bottle and tape into place. And use any left over bits for insulation in awkward places, they stick well using spray adhesive.

03-11-2013, 14:02
Having had a few campervans in the past I always used to carry the most obscure type of things for every kind of emergency,filling up all the little storage areas. Decided this time to be minimal with the stuff....ha ha ..yeah right,we'll see in a few months time!