View Full Version : Wild camping in Hungary?

02-11-2013, 20:45
Any advise on wild camping in Hungary, is allowed ? Will be mainly around Lake Balatone. WASFITONCE

03-11-2013, 16:02
We have just returned home from Hungary,we only wild camped once as we were staying at a friends house,we had two nights on seperate camp sites at lake Ballaton, both sites were closing next day as it was end of season,You are permitted to overnight on Lidls car parks though, the Bord Atlas has several free camping places listed,Lake Ballaton is very scenic but the camp site and Restaurants pretty much have the shores sewn up and access is via their premises for which you pay,there is publlc Areas but they are not the best spots.You will need a vignette to use the Motorways ,you can buy them at petrol stations. For ten days or a month, prices vary,we paid 8 Euros for one and 10 Euros for another both 10 days, no point argueing about the price,you will just get a shrug.The roads in Hungary are very good in general we thought,we changed Euros for Huff at the border and the exchange rate was reasonable, We only got 50 Euros worth as we used our Post Office MasterCard for all our needs.LPG was easy to find and we filled with no trouble,plenty of Supermarkets there for all your needs,We also bought an Hungarian road map at the border for 9999 Huffs about 2,5 Euros .I bought a new Tom Tom before we left UK as my other one did not have Eastern Europe maps,the new one worked very well and we had no problems getting around.The Hungarians are very friendly and helpful,have fun Malc./