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When we do get the van we have a couple of options of where to park it.

Option 1. On the road outside our house with not much of a good view of it. We are lucky if every Saturday night our mirrors haven't been kicked off by some low life's. The van would stand out like a sore thumb but at least I could keep an eye on it.

Option2. We may have a chance of parking it on some private land for a small charge however its a good distance from us approx half hour forty minutes.

Option3. We have a caravan site ten minutes from our house .....they want stupid amount of money and I have been snottily told 'I NEED TO BE IN THE CARAVAN AND CAMPING CLUB'.....this would be the better option but for 575 a year ......its a bloody rip off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should I just alarm the van up to the eyeballs and hope for the best outside my house ????????????

Or you could just spend a lot more time in it :)


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I know just how you feel. I have to work until the end of 2015 and have no space to park a van without loosing half the garden. In order to get round it we have a small van which we park on the street out of sight of the house normally. Several places in half an hour that could store it for a reasonable fee (lot less than 575) but its a serious bind not just being able to just check all is well in the evening and jump in it and be off the next morning.

I take it that where you work cannot help you out or their local suppliers. Many folk on the verge of going under so an offer of say 200 to use a vacant spot in their car park. Cash of course and the added security of you being around some evenings and weekends.


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Have you looked at the Caravan Club Storage ? I don`t know if any are close enough for you ?



One other thing to take into account is the Insurance on the new Motorhome.

Check out the difference between parking on the road and parking it in secure storage and it might be worth paying the extra for storage.

Also " Peace of Mind " knowing it is safe can be worth more than you think.

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I think the option of parking it in the road outside your home will drive you. Nuts if it is bad as you say,it will be a constant worry. And your insurance will reflect on road parking too.,
CCC May seem expensive but broken down to weekly charge. It is not so bad compared to some storage charges I have heard. The CCC is a great club to be a member of anyway with a great CS site network and rallies every weekend and also longer Holiday sites,check it out,enjoy.

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The effect of street parking on insurance depends a great deal on post code. Mine only means a few pounds but for some is a lot more, best ask your insurance company before you factor in too much.
Another thing to think about is the chance of getting some electricity during the winter to give it a bit of an airing now and again.


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How far is it to work? Can you park when you get there?

I'm sure your new van is worth more than your car, so if you can park it at work, use the van instead of the car? :D

There are several people up here who use their campervan as regular daily transport, so it's not as daft as it sounds.
If it's not far to your workplace, it shouldn't be too expensive on fuel, you'll get a lot of practice at driving your new van locally before you venture out on your own further afield.
(Like the LADIES' meets, for example! ;) )

Or, as suggested, sleep over in the van?

Another option, move house? :lol-053: ;)

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I am not allowed to keep my van on my estate even though there are small parking areas which would be suitable. My solution is that I park it on the car parking area of a private site 30 mins away. The owner charges 30 per month or 180 per year. He moves the van once a month to help the tyres if we have not used it. The other bonus is his post code is in a low crime area and is reflected in our insurance. It also helps that as he runs an all year site there is a presance there all the time.
Check also any garages or other business who have a yard behind them as they may allow you to park for a reasonable fee.

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Parking the van outside your house can also have other bad results, the neighbours you always thought of as nice people can change, the Green Envy Monster can emerge and the slightest transgression as seen on their part can cause the monster to emerge in all it's fury, I have seen and heard of this often, hope you find a solution that suits all, good luck Enjoy.

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Hi David,

The C&CC is not meant to be a business but a club run for its members. I do not have a problem with them running very expensive, overly regimented sites to make vast amounts of money out of gullible caravan owners in order to fund the club but some of those profits could go to provide members services such as winter storage.

Often these storage areas are not very secure, just out of the way. We had a local dealership go bust a few years ago, mainly because of the number of caravans stolen from them. The difference is when things go t*ts up, you claim on their insurance, not yours. So factor in the cost in time and money, faffing about getting too and from them. Not such a bargain in my opinion.

The kids tend to be at home when we are away and the car will be parked outside so we don't even get the security advantage.


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I don't know what type of place you both work at or where, but have you considered asking if you can use the works car park? There is a van park in the local tory club near me, It must be owned by one of the members and the van is park there permanently so if you a member of a local club that has secure parking you could try that.

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If it's any consolation, it costs me 400 a year to park on the road.

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If it's any consolation, it costs me 400 a year to park on the road.


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Congratulation on the new van the parking does seem expensive but would give you peace of mind wouldn't it. I don't know how much you've looked for a parking option but recently when dropping of some items for a friend I noticed several motorhomes parked in a barn when I inquired I was told that the farmer lets it out for secure storage. So try a google for farm storage in your area or other inquiry

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Hi Herbenny

We keep our motor home in a secure storage facilty, which our insurance company likes, it costs us 310/year, the location is a member of Find a CaSSOA Site | Caravan Storage (http://www.cassoa.co.uk/find-a-cassoa-site/) , it is very secure. You can check their website to see if there is a location near you. Good luck, Lou.


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Have you any neighbours, or people in the local area that don't have a car of their own, but have a driveway, you could leave a flyer through their door asking if they would consider renting out their drive, even if its only for the Saturday nights. There is a site on the internet, (can't remember details), where people advertise there drive for rent, although it's usually weekdays, in busy areas, but it's worth a try.

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Live in it full time then you can be your own security :)

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The tenants? - Well I guess you can spend your time between both :idea:

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Park it close by in a safe ish area ,then move it some where different every 1 to 2 weeks.Drive pass it in the car or walk round to check it is ok.I do this with our van and so far have had no probs with the neighbours .
Cheers David

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Park it close by in a safe ish area ,then move it some where different every 1 to 2 weeks.Drive pass it in the car or walk round to check it is ok.I do this with our van and so far have had no probs with the neighbours .
Cheers David

Hi David how are you and Mandy ?? ....we have not seen you in a while :)

Think we are going to store it on some farm land for the time being or at least during the winter months.

I am not prepared to pay the prices of the local site .....:mad2:

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If anyones looking for storage near March in Cambridgeshire, my friend who runs a campsite there charges 3 a week.


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Been thinking about storage, too. For a few month only, return to drive, say Easter.

Here are going rates up here, http://www.caravanstoragescotland.co.uk/Caravan_Storage_Charges.html

365/24/7 access, finger print ID for access, ect. Fair price I though?

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Is there a friendly farmer near you who would let you rent a corner of his farm yard or barn for cash in his pocket?

That's how we store our van, we pay him once a year in cash and it amounts to about 4 a week. It's a bit of pocket money for him and as his yard is covered by CCTV we get security as well. If our van was'nt there the space would be filled by his junk anyway so it works out well for both of us.

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Herbie, I think you've made the right decision to go for the farm. Reading the thread through, I was going to say go for the cheaper place that's 30-40 minutes away and then wait and see if something more convenient crops up. At least you know it's safe and you'd only spend all day at work worrying. I know there's a storage place down on the A24 near the caravan centre that charge about 1 a day, so a lot cheaper than your C&CC quote. There are a couple more in the Littlehampton area but that's even further away. The team at Sussex Caravan Centre are really lovely and helpful, so they might know of some places.... also the chap at Roundstone (I think that's the name) in Southwater. I remember doing a lot of research when we first got ours but I expect prices have risen a bit since then. Lots of good ideas in the answers posted so far :)
Just a couple more weeks... you must be so excited! :banana:

El Veterano
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We pay 355 a year for a CaSSOA Gold registered site, and I thought that was a lot! PM me for more details. It does result in an insurance reduction for us.