View Full Version : Satellite Dome not finding Channels

04-11-2013, 15:49
i read on the forum a few weeks ago about how they are moving the Satellites around and anyone with auto tracking domes may have problems locking in to the satellite.

I have a TracVision and while out this weekend, I couldn't get the dish to lock on to any signal, so I have rang the supplier who tells me that the answer is :-

1. Tune your TV to QVC (I know, of all the channels! Could be worse, could have been 'BabeStation!).
2. Turn on the dish to set it off tracking.
3. When it locks on to the channel, then turn off the power to the dish. This will now stay in position until you move your vehicle.
4. You can now turn your TV over to the other channels and still continue to watch these.

I've just tried it and it works.

It seems I will have to pay for an upgrade to put it right, but it isn't worth doing now as they are having another re-shuffle in January!

So looking like QVC is my main channel for the next few months!

04-11-2013, 15:55
Just think of all those "today's special value" bargains you'll be able to bag!