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04-11-2013, 18:17
Hi all,

Started to move up country towards Zaragoza,it took a little while and we used a fair bit of AP7 pay motorway but worth it to move some miles.Had enough of the beach and the tight sites,so we headed for the interior and the mountains,being not to sure about stops as it seem a bit sparse for Aires or camp sites.I was getting tired after about the 160 miles so we started to look at about Jerica on the A23 above sagunt,the sat nav had a couple that were not in any of my books,so with no Aires I followed the sat nav through little villages and in to smaller one track lane till i came to Villa de viva a nice looking site in a wooded valley.There seemed to be lots of space on the site and a note on the gate said go to the restaurant were the Ana & Eduard who run the site said they were closed and the nearest site was a good hour in each direction.This great couple cross translating across me in Dutch and Spanish said why not follow them to their home across the valley and stay with them for the night.The story will continue good night.