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Land Rover Chris
05-11-2013, 10:40
Had our first night wilding in Keswick on Sunday evening. We stayed on Central car park where you get free parking 7pm - 8am and then up to 11hrs is max 7. There were no signs regarding sleeping in vehicles and a few others got out of their vans in the morning. The morning was a little noisy with delivery vans etc calling at the shops and hotels but apart from that we had a good night. The car park next to the theatre by the lake has the same pricing policy and would be a lot quieter. We were up and about when the warden called around just after 8am inspecting tickets so not sure if he would have knocked.
Some bays have low hanging branches but some have room for overhang at the rear across a grass verge allowing you to park fully in the bay.
We enjoyed it and it's very handy for the town.

06-11-2013, 16:15
The guy is really on the ball.We normally get a ticket after 7pm the night before(usually on the way back from the pub) which is then valid the following morning.