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Mike Young
05-11-2013, 12:42
Hi folks,
Just found this on another site, hope it is a light for the future.

"I’ve posted this as an early ‘heads-up’.

I’ve long been a critic of Dorset’s poor attitude towards motor homes, but in today’s local paper in an article on the future of parking in Weymouth, there was a mention of improved facilities for motor homes. I emailed the council and (a bit tongue-in-cheek) offered to be of any assistance I could towards this end.

Surprised and delighted to get a phone call within 10mins asking if I would be willing to join a small ‘delivery team’ to make this happen. The chap in charge is Chris Graves, the Head of Parking and Transport for Weymouth and Portland Council. His remit is to do things to improve the footfall in Weymouth attractions, and Chris is well aware of the potential income from motor homers.

The basic premise (this from a 10min phone call so not set in stone) is to convert part of a Weymouth car park (15 min walk along the prom from town centre) as a fully serviced Aire. The normal rules would apply i.e. max stay 48hrs, there would be a service point and possible EHU. No mention of costs yet. He wants it up-and-running by Easter next year and money has been set aside for it. Once it is proven successful he would see Aires being rolled out across the area. Chris is under no illusions as to the ‘can’t do that here’ brigade but he seems to be a pretty motivated chap.

Anyway, he’s going to contact his group next week with a programme of meetings. In the meantime, it might be of help if members who might be interested in using an Aire in Weymouth, where to email Weymouth council and let them know of their interest.

Contact through the ‘Dorset for You’ website, follow the link through ‘contact us’ to Weymouth and Portland council, mark fao Chris Graves, Head of Parking and Transport. "

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