View Full Version : Great Italian Sosta.

05-11-2013, 13:55
On our recent jaunt around Italy we stumbled on this Sosta, MONTEFIASCONE N42.53346 E12. 04293, it was at a wine pressing factory ?, The Sosta was free ,had all facilities including free electricity .Tractors were coming in in a constant stream with trailer loads of Grapes for pressing,the organisation was very slick, the tractors went on a weigh bridge then tipped the grapes into large hoppers at ground level, were reweighed and off the went to get more grapes, Pickup trucks also brought loads of grapes too, and as these trucks were not tippers they drove on to a platform that hydraulically tipped the whole truck till all the grapes were out of the truck, these trucks were also weighed in and out.
In the grape hoppers were two opposing Arkimedi screws that drew the grapes into large bore pipes and on into the pressing area where all the juice was extracted, the remains of the grapes then travelled along conveyors where they were dumped into a holding area and then loaded by a digger into lorries, where the remains then went I don't know, the smell of the crushed grapes was fantastic,and very heady, there was a shop attached where one could buy and try the wine made previous years, also Olive Oil as the place also crushed Olives and made the Oil.
Realy interesting to watch the process and of course try the wine. The main town was uphill from the site, very old and interesting, well worth a visit.

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