View Full Version : over 75 long trip travel insurance

Mad Manx
06-11-2013, 09:50
My farther is now 76 with no medical problems and is getting ready for his annual trip to France , Spain and winter in Portugal .
Can any recommend a travel insurance company that will sell him long stay insurance he goes for 8 months

06-11-2013, 13:08
Hi, there have been lots of discussions on this subject
try http://www.wildcamping.co.uk/forums/wild-camping-motorhome-chat/31178-travel-insurance-coffin-dodgers.html or search

think the concensus was that the EU card covers most "healthy" elderly people but some prefer to pay a lot for the extra coer. Its a pain getting older, cos everything seems to cost more once you hit 75yrs then 79yrs! Suppose its the extra risk, but thats what insurance is for...you only seem to get it nowadays if there is NO risk!:confused:

Mad Manx
12-11-2013, 08:23
I Managed to get dads travel insurance with Just Travel Insurance on 0800 29 42 968 for dates 18 nov to 18 july 2014 for£487.48