View Full Version : Don't count your chickens...

06-11-2013, 10:17
A farmer walks into a pub and orders some champagne. A woman sitting at the bar also drinking champagne asks him if he's celebrating? "Yes", he says I had some good news today. "Me too", replies the woman, "After years trying for a baby with my husband we found out today I am pregnant."

"What a coincidence" says the farmer, "after years of not producing any eggs all my chickens have started laying again." "Wow, that is a coincidence", the woman says, "How did you do that?", she asks, "changed the cock" says the farmer - "me too" replies the woman.

06-11-2013, 10:28
Love it!!!

Bloke in a pub celebrating with champagne. Woman says to him "It's a long time since I had Champagne" Have some said the man. After two bottles shared with her, he asks her to go back to his place and she agrees.
Next morning lying in bed next to one another the woman suddenly says to the man. "Just what were you celebrating last night"? Well, says the man, I have just been told by the doctor at the clinic that I am all clear now from Gonnereah. "What clinic was that"? she ask's. The "Cloverleaf Clinic" in Ashden street. Do you know it? "Know it" She says "What a coincidence, I'm booked in for today to start my course"