View Full Version : Was planning on heading to Cornwall next week but not so sure now

12-11-2013, 21:24
After looking at all the posts recently about Cornwall not sure if its such a good idea to head there? No plans made really, thats not much our style :D

Is it really that bad this time of year?

12-11-2013, 21:43
There are some great places to stay - fear naught!
Above Kiberick Cove - National Trust car park - very peaceful.
Hemmick Beach - Near Gorran. Narrow but just passable.
Above Gorran Haven - NT car park above Vault Beach.
Black Head - Near St Austell follow coast road from Porthpean.

Further west?
Try St Just - large car park - no restrictions and pubs in village.

One of the Tin Mines on the north coast below St Ives, open to the public - has large car park. Walk up to the village - VERY friendly pub.

I use Bing maps because they have Ordnance Survey maps but try and tie these in with Google Maps with their Street View.
Coast, rivers and canals are the best - never been let down let.

Cornwall? Lived there for 20 years so know the area!


12-11-2013, 22:03
A lot of fuss about the new restrictions. They only apply to the main tourist areas and are not policed. Although you'll get a fixed penalty if you are caught..... I've stayed overnight at a few and they are all free to park in during the day at this time of year (except the town centre car parks). Hundreds of other places to stay.

Hemmick beach - passable? Ooof! I wouldn't! Well I did once and got well scratched up! I'd stop in the National Trust place at Penare if I were you and stick a couple of quid in their stone cairn. Approach from Gorran Churchtown.

12-11-2013, 22:17
Itís not the wild camping you got to worry about, itís the Cornish, in the country areas they eat incomers, same as us in Devon we are quite partial to incomer with chips.

12-11-2013, 23:41
If you go into pentawin on the road to mevaggissy the pub landlady does'nt mind you parking over night on thier car park ,use the pub as thanks,good pub brub ,no hight barrier ,as you go over the bridge and the road bares to the right the carpark is on the right 100 yards before the pub ,pentawin is on the st austells to mevaggisy road ,if you have a motorhome bigger than a transit it might be tight going through mevaggissy, once parked up ,a short walk through the old harbour and your on the beach ,beach privatley owned by pentawin sands holiday park but its never been a problem for me to take a walk around and across the beach , :goodluck: :fun: :wave: ,P.S as already said,look for a list of national trust carparks ,some are free or 2-3 quid a night and there are quite a few on the coastal areas.

13-11-2013, 17:50
Is it really that bad this time of year?

It's much easier this time of year than mid-summer.

There's hundreds of places to stay in Cornwall, just use your loaf & stay away from main council car parks.

As others have mentioned, National Front (sorry, National Trust) car parks are ideal, some may have notices banning overnight sleeping but the attendants admit they "turn a blind eye" & there's no-one to police it anyway.

Blodwyn Pig
14-11-2013, 06:24
Itís not the wild camping you got to worry about, itís the Cornish, in the country areas they eat incomers, same as us in Devon we are quite partial to incomer with chips.

That's a worry. Too many chips are bad for you :lol-049:

14-11-2013, 08:20
Hi heres a few more
Portloe C/P 50:13.243 4;53.475 nice coastal village with pub opposite end of village from c/p mile west from Portloe is Broom park grass parking at sharp r/h turn Parish owned land 50;12919 4;54 .173. next is Carne Beach C/P 50; 12.440 4;56.226 then Pendower beach c/p 50;12.333 4;56.970 close to Carne but access is from A3078

15-11-2013, 17:08
Great thanks for the ideas. Heading down Sunday :)

15-11-2013, 19:57
Truro parking I've seen both these places with motor homes over nighting

Boscawen Pk 50.253778 -5.040286

Sunny Corner just a little further along Malpas Rd 50.249874 -5.035798

David & Ann
16-11-2013, 09:30
If you want to come to Cornwall, JUST COME. Follow your instincts and nose and all will be well. Plenty of parking, just have to figure it out yourself. Have fun.☺☺☺

16-11-2013, 11:38
Stayed overnight in car parks in the most popular Cornish resorts spring this year . No problems . This time of year less problems