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14-11-2013, 07:51
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=398345350280287&set=a.398341130280709.1073741824.178662342248590&type=1&theater We had a great breakfast here a couple of days ago.. Been before Lance originally from Sheffield (I think that is his Name,) was not open when we went to the café, but we happened to spot him when we went round the corner - he owns the laundrette round the back as well - asked when he was opening, he said he would open up for us and cook us a breakfast. He actually cures his own bacon, and makes his own sausage. While we were there he was saying that he was going to open Christmas Eve & Boxing day and is offering for all inclusive price. Onsite Camping on Marina, 24th 25th Dec water & drainage. Xmas Eve Party at Leos with music for 60's 70' & 80's, free buffet.
Traditional 3 course Christmas Dinner at Leos with home roasted turkey & Xmas pud, cracker, streamers & more
Christmas Day Menu - served at 2 pm.
Complimentary glass of Bucks Fizz

Home Made Cream of Veg soup with warm crusty roll or Prawn cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce
Main Course
traditional Slice f Home Roasted Turkey breast
Leos home made Yuletide Yorkshire puds, Creamed & Roast Potatoes, Glazed julienne carrots, buttered Brussels sprouts, honey roasted parsnips, Sage & onion stuffing, & cranberry or apple sauce
Traditional Christmas Pudding with Rum Sauce or Home made sherry tifle
& to finish
Coffee or with Leos home made deep mince pies

+ You can use his laundrette & do all you washing for free.

For all the above, the cost is 50 euros per person - booking essential 25 Euro deposit each.

Unfortunatley? we have opted to go back to UK - if we hadn't we would certainly have gone.

He's a really smashing guy, and food really good - and for anyone in the area, he does a 3 course lunch on a Sunday for 4.95 Euros. He has a camper and enjoys wild camping when he has time.

if you are interested in booking, email him at lancewalch60@gmail.com

We have been to Almermar quite a few times- one of our favourite places to stop - there are 3 large car parks where you can wild camp for free connected to the resort & marine by a long promenade which is on the level next to the beach. I'll put co-ordinates on when I have sat nav & computer on together. Autogas is available about 12 miles away at Roquettas de Mar. I'm not sure about water & dump spots yet but there is water & a toilet dump on the E15 - toilet dump free, but you pay for water (toll free motorway - the parts we have been were free, not sure about all of it)

14-11-2013, 08:12
Sounds fab! However will be nowhere near there to partake! It's not all bad tho as I'll be in a beautiful place in Northumberland. FB me Jenny and let me know how you are? :juggle:

14-11-2013, 09:42
I'd love to do that but I think hubby wants to stay in UK for Christmas. We were in that part of the world last winter and it was so pleasant and enjoyable.

14-11-2013, 21:29
:newhere: Sounds a great place, Can't make xmas, Is there anything going on New Years Eve? Myk :camper:

15-11-2013, 14:11
Hi mky - I'll ask him tonight - Friday night is traditional fish & chips night. If you send him an email & ask him, just in case I forget!!!

john t
15-11-2013, 17:59
Book us lot in for xmas 2021, i'll be retired by then.!


16-11-2013, 11:52
Sorry JohnT, you need to book for yourselves - I just said I would mention on here. this is his email lancewalch60@gmail.com. He does need deposits per person. When I spoke to him last night, he said he might do something for New Year. The more people that show a genuine interest, & contact him the more likely things are to happen. As I said a very likeable chap, and very obliging.
Fish & chips were excellent by the way - same price to eat in as to take away - huge cod & loads of chips.

john t
16-11-2013, 13:17
Book us lot in for xmas 2021, i'll be retired by then.!


Seeing as i've got another 8years left at work, i think i'll e-mail them nearer the time..Thanks.


16-11-2013, 13:24
:lol-053: that'll teach me to read a post properly - I don't think he will want to book that far in advance

16-11-2013, 14:32
Seeing as i've got another 8years left at work, i think i'll e-mail them nearer the time..Thanks.


I only have 4 years to go and if betsy is still running Almeria is the top destination on my list, Even if by then my old 1986 renaut trafic can make it one way, I might find somewhere to park up..............forever lol