View Full Version : Seat Belt Fitters near Chorley

17-11-2013, 14:34

does anybody know of a decent garage in the Chorley area that can fit a couple of lap belts into our Bessacarr E425.

Its seems far too complicated for me :confused:

17-11-2013, 14:49
Are you sure there are no existing fixing points? How old is the van?

My 2004 Ducato had proper floor mounted threaded holes into the chassis with rubber bungs in them. I simply pulled the bungs out & bolted the seatbelts fittings in place, took about 15 mins. If there are no fittings, then it does become a bigger job requiring load spreading "penny" washers & drilling holes thro strong points in the floor, but still not a hard job. I have done it on old cars many years ago when belts were an optional extra.

We had full lap/diagonals on the dinette forward facing seats & added lap belts to the rear facing as it was so easy. We could have put 3 point on the rear facing by using the cab metalwork, but it didn't seem to add much benefit for forward crashes, and if hit from behind, there is a pretty big crumple zone to reduce the impact.