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18-11-2013, 12:24
We have a tricky problem with our domestic electrics on our Pilote MX25 and I
wonder if anyone has experienced the same thing.

We had to leave the van parked for 6 months over the summer and when we got back
and used it we found that the domestic electrics only work with the ignition
turned on. As soon as the ignition is turned OFF we lose all our domestic
power. The domestic batteries are fully charged. Our only thought so far is
that a relay may be stuck through lack of use but I really don't know where to
start looking for it.

Can any offer any explanation or tell us where the relay is located?

Many thanks for any help.

19-11-2013, 20:34
Sorry to hear about the electrics.Have you got a wiring diagram for the mhome? That will confirm the number of relays and, whilst it won't tell you where they are it will help you trace it/them.
I recently bought a couple of relays from Maplins- they were 4 quid and wiring instructions are easily available on the internet if they are dissimilar.
Do you have a multimeter?
Have you checked all the fuses- you will most likely have 2 fuseboxes- I have, one for the original vehicle and another for the conversion.
Can you identify which areas of the mhome may be live, other areas having no power?
Im clutching at random straws here as if its my own mhome -
How do you know that your leisure battery/batteries are fully charged?do you have any readings for battery 1 and battery 2 on your display? Batt 1 is starter, batt 2 is leisure battery/batteries.
When you switch to 12V, does the water pump work?
Thats enough questions, sorry!
Hopefully an auto electrician will read this and will correct everything ive said, thereby solving your problem.
best of luck

19-11-2013, 23:04
I had a similar problem on my Hymer after it was in storage while I was in hospital for a long time, have you tried constantly switching the 12 volt system on and off in the control panel, when I did this sometimes it worked but it was not guaranteed so I looked further and with somebody else flicking the switch I identified the relay that was clicking but not staying on, there are two large relays in the Elektrobloc and one of them was clicking but not staying on, a new elektrobloc was 800 but I contacted the manufacturer who would not help at first, I convinced them I was 'trade' and they sold me two relays for 30, I replaced one and kept the other for a spare

if you have one similar to this it could be the same problem, if it is you have to dismantle this to find the relay

If you are not comfortable with vehicle electrics this Company used to do a good reasonably priced repair on these
Hambilton Engineering Ltd.,
Bee Lane,

Telephone: 01772 315078
Mobile: 07957 355414

I have no connection with them

20-11-2013, 09:47
From many years spent in telecoms in the 60s & 70's, relays sometimes spark a little when they break a current (ie switch off) and over time that spark may produce a build up of detritus on the contacts that prevents current flow.

Once you identify the relay, you may be able to see dirty contacts and a very fine grit (say 400) emery paper (used dry) might clean it up, followed by a little meths to wipe any dust away. Be careful not to bend the contacts or they may no longer touch when the relay operates.

A correctly operating relay should be set up so that the contacts slide across each other a little when it operates, this action helps to keep the surfaces wiped clean.