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18-11-2013, 21:37
I just found the spec for the webasto DBW 2010 fitted to my 508D it's a 1986 with just over 1,000 miles on the clock so it has not had a lot of use, according to the spec it is 11.6 KW BTU 40 000 Fuel Consumption 2.7 pints/hour that is high fuel use i think would i be right?

n brown
18-11-2013, 21:39
that is a serious heat output ! a big output for a van now is 3.2 kw

18-11-2013, 21:46
It is the water heater type has three fan heater boxes like the old smiths ones and coupled to the coolant system, i think it has to go.

18-11-2013, 22:14
Pre heating engine is always a nice option to have.

18-11-2013, 23:22
Pre heating engine is always a nice option to have.

I was thinking about the draw on the batteries, current consumption without water circulating 60W the water pump on draws another 30w total 90w cranking batteries 2x70Ah in series 24v OK when engine is running but to use as a pre heat not sure.

19-11-2013, 09:03
hold on before ripping it out .if its working ok and if it has to be turned on by you ,as opposed to starts automatically temperature dependent as was a second diesel water heater i had on my galaxy ,then keep it you may need it sometime .have you considered uprating the batteries in the van to compensate ,and fitting a second tank for red diesel and rerouting the heater to that .the system you have sound great

19-11-2013, 12:50
Hi Mandrake, yes thought about that, Jacksons put two brand new 2x70Ah cranking batteries on guess I could get 2x100Ah did think about putting a separate tank in for red or kero, I will sort it in the spring not nice crawling about under the van this time of year.

19-11-2013, 13:39
that is a serious heat output ! a big output for a van now is 3.2 kw

I'm with you there you could heat a house with that output and having just checked in a plumbcentre catalogue a lot of domestic boilers start at 40,000btu and a couple you can even get from 30,000 btu

19-11-2013, 14:10
I just checked on YouTube a guy is using the same unit to heat his house why is it in a van? I know the milatary go over the top but this is way over, even by their standards.

19-11-2013, 14:19
The LPG boiler in my 4 bed detached house is 30k bthu, but it was originally installed as a top up for a solid fuel boiler that has recently been removed. The house is old (1840's ish) so has mostly solid brick walls, many windows are not double glazed (there are 28 windows) and almost every room has 3 outside walls as it is built in a T shape. So it is not exactly thermally efficient!

The boiler struggles to deal with really cold & windy weather, but otherwise it will keep the whole house at a reasonable temp, if I can afford the gas. :scared:

Just think about 11kW; that is 11x one bar fires, say 3 or four log burners - it IS a serious piece of kit & would probably work fine in Arctic Blizzard conditions.