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oldish hippy
19-11-2013, 07:46
Angler confronts 'crocodile' in New Forest | Orange UK (http://web.orange.co.uk/article/quirkies/Angler_confronts_crocodile_in_New_Forest)

19-11-2013, 08:21
there are all sorts of so called exotics out there if we only knew it after all how many ponds have terrapins in .it all stems from people buying exotic pets and then finding them a little difficult to look after .and now with the milder weather they are managing to survive out in the wild .we lived in pennistone for a while ,there was talk about a big cat living wild ,and many had claimed to have seen one ,i saw convincing photos and convincing talk about it .in fact one morning whilst returning home in the car saw a rather large black animal in the car headlights it could have been anything ,but it certainly looked cat like to me

19-11-2013, 08:55
Angler confronts 'crocodile' in New Forest | Orange UK (http://web.orange.co.uk/article/quirkies/Angler_confronts_crocodile_in_New_Forest)
Sounds a bit like a crock & ball story to me !

19-11-2013, 08:59
I think crocs are really dangerous, I would never wear them.

19-11-2013, 09:01
Angler confronts 'crocodile' in New Forest | Orange UK (http://web.orange.co.uk/article/quirkies/Angler_confronts_crocodile_in_New_Forest)

I'd like some evidence: and make it snappy!

19-11-2013, 10:52
Don't forget that the City of London Finance houses have been infested with sharks for years!

19-11-2013, 22:59
Don't forget that the City of London Finance houses have been infested with sharks for years!

And don't forget the Old Crocs!

20-11-2013, 00:09
I took the kids to a local beauty spot called Knypersley pool some years ago and stopped to watch the birds and squirrels feeding on the bridge as we would often do. I happened to look down into the water from the bridge and directly beneath I found myself looking at a four feet long crocodile lying on the surface. I picked up my twelve year old son and asked him what he could see, he shouted, "A crocodile!" at that the croc disappeared underwater and we didn't see it again. The next time we were there, two of our lads were walking ahead of me with one of the rangers, a man named Harold Key. As they were talking he told them not to go swimming in the lake because there's a crocodile in it, my son David said, "I know, I've seen it." Harold told me that there had been numerous sightings of it and that because there's no shortage of food in and around the lake the chances were it could survive in there for quite some time, I've no idea what happened to it, it could still be in there for all I know. When we were a lot younger and the weather was fine, many of us would go swimming in Knypo' as we called it and you'd often find us diving in from that same bridge, but today's kids no longer do anything like that, more's the pity, some of them could do with their arses biting.

20-11-2013, 00:31
i think there are many more animals like the big cats and other things out there as the crock which is more likely a caiman, they are widely available as pets and can grow largish .how many of us if we saw something like that would actually broadcast the fact ,considering the amount of ridicule the could face .better to keep it to yourself many so called exotic pets that have outgrown there owners or are no longer wanted can live out in the wild quite easily look at the amount of birds like those i think there parakeets living wild now, ok there not crocs or big cats but it makes you think if they can adapt then what other species can .there have been reports of poisonous spiders introduced from much warmer climes living and thriving out there. also there are many scorpions to be found according to the media in cities but mainly in london, there was a program on tv a while ago about the scorpions .

20-11-2013, 06:21
Don't forget that the City of London Finance houses have been infested with sharks for years!

and all sorts of other vermin

20-11-2013, 09:14
I'd like some evidence: and make it snappy!

How much evidence do you want ?, the man said it had 4 legs and a tail, sounds about right to me.