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isle of skye
19-11-2013, 21:07
Well I have packed away the bedding into bedding bags, made sure all water drained back, loosened off all curtains, set up crystals for damp, left bathroom window just on latch to let little air through, and there she rests until February when we go skiing, all cosy and ready for winter........and now there is six tins chocolates all my xmas biscuits, baileys bottles (cheap from morrisons) more xmas nibbles and stuff, and now the childrens and granddaughters Christmas pressy fillers, who knows how much more will be in there by December 24th! Oh well the neighbours just think I am mad taking my coffee out to the drive and sitting in the van all the time, but where else can you write Christmas cards and eat just one or two chocs without having to share.:D

19-11-2013, 21:12
Sounds like a good plan to me, except the Crystals and open window, moist air coming in and the Crystals trying to defeat it, enjoy the Chocs, .

oldish hippy
19-11-2013, 21:38
small oil filled rad wil do nicely and it will be warm when you go out and can have a nod at same time in peace and quiet and get away from all the hint and jobs that need to be done lol

19-11-2013, 23:38
you say you have baileys and chocs ,mmm i am afraid the baileys wouldn't last long with me, i would keep nipping out for a quick tipple .i love that drink ,have you tried topping up the baileys bottle, with whiskey when it gets about half empty rather nice .(now where did i leave that baileys )

19-11-2013, 23:48
Never bother stripping bed etc down for winter, if half decent weather we will use it, so stays made up, find putting electric blanket on keeps it aired out, just empty water, open taps and cupboards to let air circulate.

20-11-2013, 05:58
We bring bedding in and keep it on spare bed, then if decide to go away it only takes 5 mins to put it back in and it's aired and ready to use. We are flying to fuerteventura next week for 2 weeks, then when we get back our lad gets married the following weekend, then 4 days after it's xmas. Hope to get to a lovely little pub at Parbold for New Year's Eve. They can fit quite a few motorhomes in, and they are having entertainment on.

Sharon the Cat
20-11-2013, 07:22
We drained down the tank last night and had a fiddle with bits & pieces. We took the opportunity to sit in Percy & had a mug of tea by torchlight. Would have been warmer indoors but somehow it is our very special space just for us and the dogs. :heart:

20-11-2013, 09:40
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