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David & Ann
21-11-2013, 21:43
Any advice or tips. What is the latest DIESEL engine I can put into a 2007 Vauxhall, Vectra Exclusive (150) which has an automatic gear box. In other words which later engine will fit a 2007 car? Thank you. If there is any further info required please post. Example: Will a 2009 or 2011 engine fit a 2007 car?

21-11-2013, 22:10
Why don't you ask wauxhall themselves, surely they must be able to answer your query, you are not just meddling with an engine swap you are also meddling with the electronics of your specific model. :goodluck:

21-11-2013, 22:23
what is the problem with the existing engine ,is it shot are you wanting an upgrade .sometimes its not just swop an engine over unless its a new factory or recon unit due to the engine management system,imobiliser and other electronics .it is possible but you can end up having to install the other vehicles systems,its a lot more complicated the newer the car .i used to swop engines regular even fitting v8 engines into such things as toyota starlets and other cars the days are gone of just unbolting the old an in with the new .the manufacturers dont want us to repair our own cars nowadays ,a mate of mine has a bmw alpina and cannot even change the brake pads it must go on a computer to reset a valve in the braking system to allow excess fluid to return into the master cylinder. mad the car will be worth peanuts in a few years.