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happy days
23-11-2013, 13:59
Hi Guys

Looking for a drawing for the wiring arrangement on 02 plate auto trail cheiftan.2.8 jtd

I have a fault on the charging system running to the service batteries.The charge is getting the the starter battery (14.82)vdc may-be a wee bit to high but thats off load.There is no feed on the exciter wire that is common and runs around the relays to operate the van/fridge? etc. I am not sure when this happened due to the solar panel keeping everything healthy over the summer.
Using a temporary jumper wire i have back feed the alternator and the charge came good to the relays, remove the wire shut down and restart and the sytem is still operating as it should.My problem is getting to the wiring down the back of the engine.I do not see how rexciting the alternator has worked as it is already excited to charge the starter battery.
Starter battery before engine run12.78vdc and after 14.82vdc.My other question is why or how can the battery light come on in the cab and the battery is still charging!!!apart from some rough wiring done by the last owner it for the monent is a puzzle to me.

I do not have any wiring circuits for the van.Any help would be great.

cheap skate
23-11-2013, 14:24
sounds like you lost the ignition feed

i take it you checked the relay and fuses?

when ignition or when running the relay should be a open circuit
which in then links both battery's together

happy days
23-11-2013, 17:28
Thanks for your reply

I have checked all fuses and started to make a drawing off the circuits.Thinking that there is a split in the harness down the back of the engine.Most of the joints i see are scotch locks. My main concern is why does the main starter battery charge with the battey warning light on.I have looked at a few systems and dont really see why they cant fit a warning light on the service batteries to indicate there is no charge.
Weather being ok tomorrow i will have another better look and see if i can trace the wiring up from the alternator and back from the key.

cheap skate
23-11-2013, 17:55
scotch locks. big yuk

red ones or blue ones both give problems in the long run

cheap skate
23-11-2013, 17:59
the alternator warning light goes from yr alternator to behind the dash though a bulb then to ignition power

you need to find the split charger relay

if done propel all split charging systems has a relay

cheap skate
23-11-2013, 18:20
a few videos i found you on you tube



happy days
23-11-2013, 21:13
Hi Cheap skate,
I had a look at the u-tube demos.Very interesting noticed the scotch locks !!!. This is not quite the same my van they have just used a 30 amp lucus type relay taking a feed from the excitation on the alternator and switching a few items at once.When i dig in i will buzz you back.
Thanks for your help.