View Full Version : Cannock Chase Trail Centre

john t
25-11-2013, 10:58
Went to meet up with a few friends to do a spot of mountain biking on Sunday at this place, but we came down on the Saturday so we didn't have to get up at early o'clock to get down there. So we arrived around lunch time on the Saturday, sign said car park closes at 5pm, so come 5pm, we stayed where we were parked to see if any warden moved us on. As it was completely dark we decided to risk staying the night, and didn't have any problems at all, the next morning we payed our £3 for all day parking met up with mi mates and had a great day mountaining biking. It is a serious place an all, my mates who are all into this big time, had front folks on that cost em£1,500, plus all the gear, me, well mi bike cost me £250, years ago, i knew then i was in for a bit of a kicking.
We did the "red" route, only one tougher was the "black" route, it's really the first time i've done owt like this, as i'm a roadie cyclist at heart, i found it tough, and my bike really wasn't up to it, but i did it, and got to say really enjoyed my day there.!
Cannick chase is a great day out for the out door type people, dog walker's and kids, i give it a big thumbs up.!