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03-12-2013, 14:59
can anyone tell me if an LDV Pilots fuel line is pressurised ? I want to tap into it instead of removing the tank & fitting a stand pipe for my new Eberspacher thanks its T reg

03-12-2013, 15:41
I did the same on a boat. Think you will find that the pump is on the engine and it sucks the fuel from the tank rather than pump being at the tank end and electric. I was a bit unsure of doing it but what I did in the finish was take a feed off the first filter it gets to. There was a spare terminal on the top of the filter. I was told if you go into the fuel line then the pump will suck the diesel out of the pipe up to the heater and you may also let air in. The thin pipe to the heater is easy to thread but you have to get all the air out by sucking as the pump on the heater will stop and need resetting because of the long pipe run. Also fit the little diesel pump somewhere where you cannot hear it they sound like a woodpecker when they get going and don't forget a silencer otherwise you may find it rather noisy and wonder why everyone has moved away from you and refuses to talk to you.

03-12-2013, 17:48
I would fit an separate tank for your heater as you can use Red diesel of heating oil in it and save quite a lot

03-12-2013, 20:21
Thanks to you both