View Full Version : Leaving external screens on over winter

06-12-2013, 16:22
It looks as though I will not be using van much this winter so was thinking of leaving silver screens on , to keep heat in and reduce condensation.
Anybody know if this is not a good idea -- seem to recall someone saying that screens should not be left on permanently thanks in advance

Brian the snail
06-12-2013, 16:43
Hi Thomaspic,

We keep the Silver Screen on through the winter, run the heating weekly to air the van and at the same time top up the cab battery, the screen helps keep down the condensation and helps reduce light degradation to the furnishings. I also have temporary internal screens made from foam board velcroed to the window and Heki frames for exactly the same reasons I remove the screen periodically on a dry day and sponge it and peg it on the washing line to dry it then refit, this keeps mould from forming on the inside of the screen.
The Silverscreen will deteriorate but I think it is better to treat it as a consumable rather than everlasting, the benefit to the inside of the van regards humidity and light damage far outweighs the cost. This screen has only been in use for 9 months but judging by the wiper compression points it might not last more than five years but I will be really happy if it does, cost £20-£25 per year, for us thatís a good investment.


06-12-2013, 17:09
I have a spare one and use it at home when parked up all year round.

In winter it helps keep condensation at bay and helps to keep the heat in.

In summer it keeps it cool and stop the damaging rays from the sun from bleaching the interior fabric.

06-12-2013, 18:43
Leave it on for the reasons mentioned by others.

06-12-2013, 19:57
Same as above.