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07-12-2013, 16:00
When you make up the bed with the seat cushions, which side do you have on top? I always have the top of the cushion on top when the bed is made up because the cloth on the bottom of the cusions doesn't look very hard wearing to me. I ask because I have seen beds made up at shows with the underside of the cushions on the top.

07-12-2013, 16:19
On our van, the cushions are buttoned & shaped, so if you have them the normal way up, the bed is actually quite lumpy, so I get the boss to turn them over. That way we get a much flatter bed. The backing material is pretty poor, but I always put a blanket over it underneath the sleeping bags.

Beds made up from half a dozen separate cushions can be really uncomfortable so we use a thin memory foam topper to help disguise the dips & bumps.

Brian the snail
07-12-2013, 17:33
Hi Ether,

Before we got a fixed bed we always flipped the cushions so the bottom was on top and also put the seat cushions with the raised section against the wall to get a comfier bed. The fabric may not look so hard wearing but it will be as it is a basic flat cotton/calico product.


07-12-2013, 17:37
Wet patch down lol

07-12-2013, 21:48
Now for a helpful reply
Mine have braiding round the top but not the bottom also there's memory foam on the top which one can't see but i'm assured it's there I have 4 separate sections came from Ikea very comfy

07-12-2013, 22:19
we always used the bed over the cab on our van ,it had a memory foam mattress.but if using the van cushions i would always use the back of the cushions to make the bed as i would think it evens the wear out

Wind Dancer
07-12-2013, 23:43
Interesting thread as I'd never thought to use the underside of the cushions. Mine are shaped on the 'right' side and I normally arrange the high point to go under my knees when made up to a bed, but may try them reversed and see how that works.

That said, my dinette is now arranged so that I can quickly set up the bed without the need to adjust most of the cushions!

just jane
08-12-2013, 05:11
Mine can only go 'right' way up because the underside fabric is not a firm woven type but is a soft brushed fabric that sticks to velcro on the seat frames to stop them slipping around.

08-12-2013, 09:44
When we had to 'make up' our bed, we used to turn the seat cushions over, which then made the bed flat.

08-12-2013, 16:48
Not precisely on topic but........The cushions in campervans and caravans always look really comfy made up as a settee etc. I know its a necessity to make these cushions into a large fitted puzzle ,ie the bed base,but have always found them uncomfortable with joins acrossways as well as long ways. In the van Im converting this time Ive made sure Ive designed the bed to use only 2 pieces of foam,which butt longways down the centre of the bed.This in turn has its own drawbacks ,as one half is used as the base for the settee,but the other half when used as the back of the settee is too high up the side of the van.We wont be sitting around much in the van,even so, I must find an answer to this ,and Ive got a couple of ideas,but I feel its worth the problems,just to have a nice flat bed!

08-12-2013, 20:28
I tried that ! The dog was first on it & then it was not any good for anyone else .

10-12-2013, 17:47
Thank you for the responses. We use our cushions "the right way up" but I am a little concerned that the upholstery
material is becoming stretched. I stand on the bed to get the bedding down from over the cab and this probably doesn't help. I feel that the material on the underside of the cushions is not very robust. Maybe I should get the bedding down first before making up the bed!

We also had a problem with the two sides of bed, which slide out from under the bench seats coming apart. We solved this with a couple of velcro straps tying the two sides together.

I should add that we place a king size duvet over the cushions so that effectively we are sleeping between two duvets - lovely and warm this weather. The downside is having to get up in the morning!! We find that Wilco duvets are good enough. We don't launder them - just buy new ones. It's cheaper than the laundry. In hot weather just a sheet on top.

We sleep across the van but found that when sitting up in bed watchng tele or for our morning tea, our heads were in danger of damaging the concertina window blind. Now we have a bed head. A sheet of plywood with carpet glued to it with a piece of wood across the top to prvent it sagging, which bridges the window frame. Velcro on the bed head and window frame keeps it in place. This lives over the cab with the bedding

10-12-2013, 17:54
Top and bottom duvets is a good idea.