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john t
08-12-2013, 15:59
One place i would love to visit would be Iceland, however after doing a bit of research, it's the kinds place thats on my places to visit once i take retirement. Has anyone from here been there, with their m/home, looking at websites it looks like a difficult place to get to with ferries, was looking at ferry to Shetland then from there to Iceland, but not sure it can be done now, maybe a trip to Norway then from there maybe.!
Anyone any thoughts on the matter.?


08-12-2013, 16:25
One on my bucket list too. Been to Iceland a few times now and it would definitely be a fantastic place for a motorhome. Wild camping seems to be positively encouraged and the views are just unbelievable!

We did roughly price up taking the motorhome via Norway, The Faroes and on to Iceland, but at the time we could only manage about 3 weeks off work and it would have worked out much cheaper and time efficient to rent one. Also, you can rent 4x4 ones which you need for anything away from the main roads.

I remember the company we priced it up with was these Happy Campers - Camper rental (http://www.happycampers.is/)

Each time we have been so far, we have rented a big 4x4 and booked a couple of holiday cottages in different parts. Good way to get about and fairly cost effective.

Back there again at the end of February - for our honeymoon this time so doing it in some style with a couple of hotels, remote cottages as well as self driving.

Hope you get to achieve your dream!

Tony Lee
08-12-2013, 21:41
Unless things have changed again, the only way to get there by ferry is from the north of Denmark via the Faroes.

Not exactly cheap - peak season is higher again.

The price for your requested journey is: 3.056
Included in the price: 2 adult, a camper (6.9m in lenght), a two berth cabin without window (lower berths).
Outbound journey: 18th June
Homebound journey: 22th August

08-12-2013, 21:54
I've posted them before but here theu are again

Iceland 2004 (http://www.101fc.net/iceland-2004/index.htm)

4x4 is very usefull to get to the interesting bits. When we went you could travel from shetland, its a bit of a pain now. You can freight your vehicle over and then fly in to collect it but unless you have a very special vehicle and are there for a good time its prob. not worth it


09-12-2013, 19:52
Many years ago we were taking 2 land rovers off roading and we were going on a cargo boat from hull it took 4 vehicles and 12 people if this way is still possible i don"nt know:wave:

09-12-2013, 20:34
Take a look at theworldisourlobster it was the final place they went on their travels. Lots of info