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11-12-2013, 17:50
My old mum was over the moon when I told her the news that a cure for Alzheimer's was "within reach".

And the best thing is she'll be over the moon tomorrow when I have to tell her again.

11-12-2013, 20:49
it will be a great day if and when they find a cure or some way of delaying the devastating onset of this complaint .my auntie suffered and it was terrible to see what a great lady who worked for charities also civil defense and many other great causes just deteriorate in front of our eyes .but really i suppose she dident know or understand where or who she or who anybody was ,so i realy suppose its the other people like us that seem to suffer most

11-12-2013, 20:55
My dad has it....and its true that when they get to a certain point its almost a blessing. But before that point you watch them become confused agitated and sometimes aggressive with the frustration. It is really difficult for the family to watch it happen. My dad was a teacher a very clever man, and i have had to witness him become a child to the point i have had to shower him and dress him not something i would ever have imagined id ever have to do as his daughter. But the man i showered and dressed was not my dad...but the love was still the same!!

11-12-2013, 20:57
I found something on you tube about coconut oil..Too late for my dad but it was interesting and thought provoking worth looking at if you know someone in the early stages

11-12-2013, 21:47
You learn to not keep telling them that their partner has passed away as the grief is genuine each time. You just tell 'em "he'll be back later" in the knowledge that they'll ask again & not remember what you said. It really is a heart breaker for those left behind as the sufferer retreats deeper & deeper into their own world, a mere husk of what they once were.

Old family photos are excellent in the earlier stages to encourage communication. Music & singing are good too. In the very early stages they are now saying exercise, Mediterranean diet, having a reasonable weight, not smoking & controlled blood pressure all help slow the development of the disease.

12-12-2013, 13:35
I hope I donít live long enough to suffer with Alzheimer, but personally if I know itís come, I hope thereís enough of me still there to be able to plug myself into the mains.