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11-12-2013, 19:59
Are they critical? eg a particular transit measures 5.3m long o/a . The banding is for 5m ,next one is 6m . Would it go as 5 metres? Ditto for height banding.

n brown
11-12-2013, 20:03
I just tell them the shortest I can and hope they don't measure.only happened once and I just said well I never and paid the diff

11-12-2013, 20:06
lol,yeah,I was thinking the same.

11-12-2013, 20:16
I agree with Mr Brown,

It's one of the few occasions when I'm happy not to brag about the length of my pride and Joy .

24 crossings and so far so good :)

That will probably put the mockers on us next time !

11-12-2013, 20:37
Are they critical? eg a particular transit measures 5.3m long o/a . The banding is for 5m ,next one is 6m . Would it go as 5 metres? Ditto for height banding.

Have been charged the same price for my 5.3M long x 2.55M high Mercedes as I have been for my 6.36M x 2.72 Sevel 'van, and I put in the correct dimensions every time.

11-12-2013, 20:48
Brittany Ferries are now measuring and P&O check the vehicle height especially if you have sat gear a roof boxes and aerials.

11-12-2013, 20:49
My van is 7.4 metres so I would have to pay for 8 metres. Can I claim the extra 600 mm gap between me & the next vehicle?? They always seem to insist on you being too close for comfort.

11-12-2013, 20:53
Never been measured, done Dover Calais literally 100's of times, I don't think they have time to mess about.

25 years ago I used to take a Volvo FL4 truck to Volvo at Gent Belgium via Dover Calais and Dover Zeebrugge, it was always booked as a 7 metre but it was nearer 9 metres. There were 3 on the fleet all the same and we were able to jump the truck queue, get an earlier ferry etc with the line 'got room for a little 7 metre mate'

Since been for the last 20 years with Lwb and Elwb sprinters, again never been measured. They need to load and go.

Sharon the Cat
12-12-2013, 08:56
I looked at one ferry site (sorry can't remember which, but maybe across to Isle of Arran). They asked for the length of the motorhome & then does it have a bike rack? Are you supposed to include the bike rack in the overall length?

John Thompson
12-12-2013, 09:31
There is a thread in another forum on this issue and they are measuring Motorhomes at Portsmouth to board the Brittany Ferries service. They were charging a surcharge of 60 if the vehicle was outside of the declared measurements.

The check in person checked the details on her computer and then came out of the kiosk and proceeded to measure the Motorhome with a surveyors wheel.
At Dover it is reported they have measurements so that the check in person can look out over the top of the van and see its height.

12-12-2013, 10:16
we went dover Dunkirk with dfds last year. going out ok,coming back told at Dunkirk we were over the
declared height.i argued it was ok at dover & after 10 mins she let me go. they obviously have ways of checking height.

12-12-2013, 16:11
Hmmm.. some interesting replies! I had similar probs taking my trike over to France. Some routes dont have a category for 'trike' and I had to phone them to sort it out. I was assured by Brittany Ferries that it would be classed a certain way,and had the woman I spoke to e mail me this to confirm it ,just in case there were probs on the loading area.

12-12-2013, 16:30
Get a price for 5 & 6 m, think you will find its the same.

12-12-2013, 21:53
We booked Portsmouth to Cherburgh on the Normandy express through the Caravan Club we told them the length (5.95 metres) they did not ask if we had bikes on the back. When we got to the check in they wanted 35 for the bikes. They did not mention the length. we put the bikes inside the van and they were happy to let us go without charge.

The only time we have been measured is on Isle of Wight ferry. We are just under 6 mtrs without the bike rack,with the our rack empty we are over 6 mtrs. They accepted us as being under 6 mtrs. There was a big increase in price for over 6 mtrs. Good job we had put the bikes inside the van before we went otherwise we may not have got away with it..

Mad Manx
12-12-2013, 22:05
Last steamracket sailing I got I booked as 8 .5 meters thinking I was 8 meters and they measured me at 8.75 but because I was still within my banding they didn't charge me