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12-12-2013, 13:50
Hi long distance travellers, I know this is a question without end, but once I have recovered from my total knee replacement, Iím hoping to persuade my other half that we need to do a long trip, I would say China, but Iíd better say Rome.
What kind of money say on a daily rate would you consider to be a reasonable amount to budget, not including fuel or food, thanks in advance for your input.

12-12-2013, 15:02
Hi hope all goes well with the recovery. We think the cost is not much different at home or away with out fuel, Stops are the next big cost but can be avoided if you plan with this in mind good luck

12-12-2013, 15:05
What were you thinking of spending the money on. If you avoid toll roads, dont drink alcohol, always wildcamp, avoid paid attractions etc then next to nothing I would suggest.

n brown
12-12-2013, 15:14
got me stumped that one ! to me there IS only fuel and food .very rarely buy clothes,never use camp sites and do my own van fixing,never eat out.. sure there's the occasional expense like a tyre or wheel bearing,but I don't know if that can be part of a daily budget .so I'd say about zero,roughly.

12-12-2013, 15:27
£25 per day per person and you'll have a good time.

12-12-2013, 16:01
All in any where from £40-£70 per day. We are on £66 average for 2 bigs and 1small and that is doing every thing and any thing we can.

12-12-2013, 16:06
I agree with ^^^ Although maybe a little more than £70 if you eat in a decent restaurant most nights.I worked it out very roughly the other day.

12-12-2013, 19:11
We reckon about £200/£250 per week & that's living the life of Riley, no skimping.

Fuel is the biggest outlay followed by food, we buy fresh fish from the quayside, other provisions from markets etc.

On Le Continent booze is cheap, plenty vino to wash down the fresh oysters, asparagus & etc.

That price includes 2 or 3 Plat-du-Jours menus at special offers.

Keep away from the dreaded campsites & you can't go wrong

12-12-2013, 19:31
Have a look at this site as they did 600 days,
Breakdown of cost

600 days on the road Ė how on Earth did we afford that? | Our Tour (http://ourtour.co.uk/home/600-days-on-the-road-how-on-earth-did-we-afford-that/)


12-12-2013, 20:27
First, good luck with the op on your knees and second I'm italian mate and I WOULD not wild camp in my own country ie. it is not the Italians you got to worry about but the fuc...... easterners that at the moment seem to have taken over my country. by all means use proper aires if you wish, secondly if you stop in Rome there are proper aires for you to use but they are not cheap, the more notorious the town/city the more you pay, I paid 21 euros in a **** hole outside Florence, if it had not been late in the afternoon I would have gone somewhere else. If you do decide to go beware of cars following you and pointing at something wrong with your unit DO NOT STOP if you know there is nothing wrong, carry on and only stop at a service area or a garage. At this point I do not wish to put you off your trip, Italy is a beautiful country but may I add so expensive.:have fun::have fun::have fun::have fun:

12-12-2013, 22:36
Thanks for all the great advice etc, the reason I didnít price fuel in, as I intend to carry enough fuel to get us as far as Rome (bio) the reason for not pricing in food, is being vegetarian many restaurants donít really cater for us, so a lot of local veg and cook in the van.(many years ago we used to run the top vegetarian restaurant in Briton,)
Good to know about Italy not being the safest place and expensive, and itís good to have a general figure in mind. I had better make some more bio and save some extra cash, thanks all again.