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15-12-2013, 15:21
Just bought a Karcher WV 75 plus from PC World for 50.
If you have an A class van or a vehicle with a large glass area then you may understand how this could help with the condensation that appears on the windows.
It does a superb job of clearing the water away.


15-12-2013, 15:52
They are brilliant at taking the water from the shower floor as well, it dries quicker then, I have had one since they first started selling them and I would highly recommend it.

15-12-2013, 15:52
Hi i also have one of these.works really well i recover over half a pint of water every morning.I have cut off the mains transformer and wired the lead to an old phone charger (5.5 v) so i can plug straight in to cigarette lighter to recharge

15-12-2013, 16:02
Bought one last year & they work reasonably well for getting rid of condensation especially if there is quite a bit, also have a couple of fans which keep it clear once it's been cleaned off. Often you can get rid of the heavy condensation but it starts to come back almost straight away if the weather is cold, the fans keep the windscreen nice & clear. I only paid about 40 for mine earlier this year from Tesco.

15-12-2013, 16:10
sounds good, I am tempted to buy one

21-12-2013, 18:20
I picked up one of these yesterday because as well as the condensation in the van I get a lot on the hall door and window overnight, and guess what this morning not a drop! bone dry!! so I mixed up the sachet of window cleaner for the aplicator that came with it and cleaned the tv screen instead, it did a good job of that and much quicker than the spray and kitchen towel method, migh even clean a house window and see what the outside world realy looks like :)

21-12-2013, 20:33
Ours is known as the 'window licker'