View Full Version : Garmin2445LM Problem !!!

David & Ann
20-12-2013, 21:38
I have a Garmin 2445LM. Returning from London I tried to set my route home and found it was not possible. Popped into Halfords where I bought it from and he said there were parts of the mapping missing/incomplete. He instructed me how to go about reloading the maps, unfortunately I was unable to do so. I still got the same problems.
THE PROBLEM: Switch on Sat Nav everything is okay up to the screen showing the Icons. When I touch the Where to Icon it goes to the address page. This is where the problem lies. You cannot put in the address to where you want to go. The screen shows 4 letters, D,S.N and R. They are the initials for various towns/destinations. If I touch the D on screen Dover map comes up. That is as far the Sat Nav works properly. Your knowledge and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

21-12-2013, 09:58
If you have parts of the map missing it will not work so you need to try again reload the maps, when you say you were unable to do so what was the problem?
Have you got lifetime map updates?, if you have and use Garmin Express it is easy to update.