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20-12-2013, 23:16
After a disappointing evening at the Medlar SWMBO has emailed the Hand and Flowers to see if we can spend a night in their car park.

Well why not it looks big enough for a MH and the food at the Hand and Flowers is supposed to be 2 star. Its the only pub in the Uk with a Michelin ** rating.

We did go to the Medar in the King Road but the food at the Miller & Carter ( Dick Turpin ) next to the CL Site in Ilford was better. The staff pleasant and attentive and nothing seemed to much trouble. Compared to the Medlar they were a couple of miles a head. It's a shame really these restaurants spend ages aiming for the top and are let down by the smallest things. Expectation being one of them. We expected something special and had being waiting to go so it was disappointing that the expectation of a great meal in a new 1 star restaurant was spoilt by the food. Don't get me wrong it was not bad but it did not seem like 1* Micheline.

Hand and Flowers next ..

And YES we are Foodies ..


21-12-2013, 12:55
Hi, a friend of mine went to The Hand And Flowers earlier this year for a lunch one Saturday had a wonderful time, the food was good and he went into the kitchen to meet Tom Kerridge, he said he would recommend it to anyone, I hope you have a good meal and enjoy it.