View Full Version : Change of plan

25-12-2013, 08:45
Well because of the nice weather we have had this week the plan was to have Christmas dinner on the terrace as some of you know now we are having it in.

A bloody life boat :boat: from 3am it as not stopped raining and I mean rain. you all over there in sunny England have a nice day :wave:

oldish hippy
25-12-2013, 08:48
well the suns out here beside the seaside lol

25-12-2013, 08:55
Suns out here too. :)

25-12-2013, 09:06
Clear blue sky here in Derbyshire as well, the rain in Spain falls mainly on Ken:giggle:

25-12-2013, 09:25
Nice and sunny in sunderland but not warm .

hippy travels
25-12-2013, 09:51
We have had a snow shower here this morning and now we are in cloud can just about see across the road (High up in South Shropshire):mad1::mad1::mad1:

25-12-2013, 10:04
Warm & sunny in the Dordoigne, Do I stay put??? :) or should I go to feel @ home!! :wacko:

25-12-2013, 10:18
Nice and sunny here in the Wirral but very cold
merry Christmas everyone

25-12-2013, 10:33
Here in Lechlade on Thames Blue skies, sun shine, no wind and 3 degrees C, lovely, but the river is well up.


n brown
25-12-2013, 10:44
torrential rain in Algarve ,deep puddles,thick red mud-mild though !

25-12-2013, 13:11
Donīt give up, explorers, our hearts are with you.

n brown
25-12-2013, 13:28
poor old Kenīs getting his Christmas Karma !

25-12-2013, 14:32
poor old Kenīs getting his Christmas Karma !If he is he is eating it indoors :cool1:

25-12-2013, 14:56
Its been a nice day here at Bala a little rain early on but come good this afternoon been for a walk and the lakes gone down a good bit and you can get in the carpark now .

25-12-2013, 15:58
Spending Xmas at my son in Woodley (Reading) and its been sunny all day but rather coldish, Merry Xmas everyone:cheers:

25-12-2013, 18:49
Very strong winds here Yesterday tree down next door to us, huge pine. today some rain and Hail Stones sun trying to shine but not getting there ,and this in the sunny south, I shall be writing a stiff letter to the Times if it does not improve PDQ He He . Will be glad when all this Christmas Humbug is over so we can head South again.

25-12-2013, 18:56
Had wonderful sunshine all day in Leicester