View Full Version : Festivals, Shows and suchlike in the South West.

30-12-2013, 18:24
Im half watching One Man and His Campervan, he's at a campervan festival in Carmarthenshire. It looks to be mainly, if not all VWs but great fun as everyone can wander around and have a good look outside and in all the vans entered in classes. Id love to go to something like this and Carmarthenshire isnt out of the question distance wise but are there other similar events in the South West? Ive seen plenty of motorhome shows at Exeter, Chepstow etc. but they seem to be the big new white ones and I love the little multicoloured individual ones

30-12-2013, 18:40
There are stacks of VW festivals held all over the place best place to look is the VW forums but here's a few to get you started

Volkszone Europe's largest VW community Shows 2014 (http://www.volkszone.com/?page_id=3)

30-12-2013, 20:51
Thanks very much for that link, I'll be sure to hang onto it :)

Most things I've seen tend to be VW related. Is there anything where we get a good old mix of allsorts of makes/models? I've nothing against VW's but I don't have one and worry about sticking out like a sore thumb.
Is it the norm to be able to go round looking at other vehicles interiors and chatting to the owners - I'm presuming they're a friendly bunch.

31-12-2013, 21:37
One of the biggest and best is "busfest" which is held in September at the three counties show ground Malvern. Another is volksfest Bristol which is held in June I think. Great family festivals. If you do a google search for Vw shows 2014 I'm sure you will find a few more around the uk.