View Full Version : The Dog and The Sat Finder

13-01-2014, 19:11
I have a manual sat antenna on my van and i always have the problem to find "the South".
With a compass no problem, but what to do having lost or forgotten it.
And on a sunny day no problem, but what about bad wx or night.

Dog owners now may be very happy cause scientists of the Agricultural University of Prague found out, that dogs are very sensitive for earth magnetism .
They detected during thousands of observations that urinating dogs aligne their bodies parallel to the magnetic lines of the earth (no joke).

I hardly couldnīt believe that. So I went out with the dog and a compass to test it. And it was true, my black girl sat down for "P or S" and her head pointed to the south, my antennaīs direction.
What a great dog, helping out to find the direction of the satellite dish.

Now, whenever you see somebody running away leaving behind a sh****ng dog.....itīs not the odour of the "bomb". This guy simply doesnīt own an automatic sat antenna, lost his compass, his wife requested to watch "soaps" , and the dog is his last chance.....:lol-053:

I wonder if the number of bodies will increase now cruising on the roads with a dog and a compass.