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14-01-2014, 14:53
Catching the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander, does anyone know a good place to stop nearby as would like to travel to the area the day before to avoid any problems

Brian the snail
16-01-2014, 20:15
Hi Micks,

Portsdown Hill in the Poi's is good and weather permitting excellent views.


17-01-2014, 06:32
I agree, the other POI's listed are restricted by height barriers (Farlington).

17-01-2014, 07:32
Stayed on Portsdown Hill many times. make sure you stay on the side by the churchillian pub! not the other side.....there is an all night burger van there!! Noisy!
Food's suppose to be Ok in the pub, but couple of hundred metres down from the parking is the George. Great real ale pub!
You can see the ferry port from the parking. Only a ten min drive...rush hour permitting.

17-01-2014, 09:59
If you don't want to stay near the burger bar go west a little further and there is a car park to the west side of the first fort. It gives views to both north and south. Needless to say I haven't overnighted at either as you can see my house from there.

18-01-2014, 18:53
Thanks for your help

16-02-2014, 23:20
I have been to portsdown hill a few times in the car, but not in the motorhome yet, amazing views although if the win is a bit to much (I may have missed your trip but for future reference) their is a motorhome dealership just on the outskirts of Portsmouth called southdown
Motorhomes. They are in a small dead end road with some lovely vans to look at and I noticed they leave an extension lead out :giggle:

17-02-2014, 06:25
Southdown used to have storage on both sides of that road but have lost one side to a car supermarket, but on thinking about it I'm not sure that there is any time restrictions in the Morrisons car park at the end of the road, and I saw one of our Polish friends 3.5 tonne van with pod parked with his curtains closed in the Lidl car park at the other end of the road.

30-06-2014, 15:29
Hi, Ive just been on the 'phone to The Inn On The Beach on Hayling Island and the guy said we can park up in his carpark for free. It's about a 15min drive back to the ferry port. He just said he would like campers to go in and buy a couple of drinks and a bite to eat. He sounded friendly and welcoming.
The Hayling Billy also allows overnighting but they charge 10 a night.

30-06-2014, 17:13
I should allow a little longer than 15 minutes from Hayling Island.

30-06-2014, 17:17
I should allow a little longer than 15 minutes from Hayling Island.

Hey, thanks for that. Ive never been to Hayling Island before so wouldn't know how much time to give to get to the ferry!

02-10-2016, 12:51
Hi All

Just been reading this thread from 2014 is the information still current?

Sailing from Portsmouth in a couple of weeks.

Any upto date information would be good

Many thanks