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08-03-2014, 12:13
Hi, As a new member I'm finding the POI's for water taps very informative & helpful.

I would like to supply a few which might be useful to others.

M6 Stafford Services Northbound.
As you drive in to the CAR parking area drive straight down to the far end & there is a tap on the grass area on the right. You may not see it immediately if there is a car parked in front of it. 52.887139, -2.173539 / 5253'13.7"N 210'24.7"W
When I right-clicked it came up with both these references. I didn't know which to use so I put both. Sorry, this is the first time I've done this.

North Wales - travelling towards Porthmadog from the south.
At the junction of the A487 & B4410 (opposite the Oakeley Arms Hotel) there is a bus stop & toilets with parking for 2 vehicles near the Ladies toilet. The only tap is at the basin in the Ladies. You can't get a container under it but I use a short piece of hose with a flexible rubber fitting on one end, then filll a container with that. You could no doubt fit a longer hose on it to fill a tank but we use this tap because we're certain it's mains drinking water, (lots of pressure & the tell-tale Hiss of a mains supply) which we keep in seperate containers.
52.948919, -3.995880 / 5256'56.1"N 359'45.2"W

Dumfries & Galloway - A76 Between Thornhill & Sanquar.
Picnic site by the river with toilets. Tap is on the end outside wall of the toilets, but not the end you see as you walk from the parking area. You have to look behind the building. It's a good few years since we've been here so hope it's still there. Not stayed ourselves but possibly an overnight stop too. 55.331644, -3.837745 / 5519'53.9"N 350'15.9"W

POI Admin
13-04-2014, 13:20
Sorry for the slow response.

These have now been added to the POIs - many thanks :D