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POI Admin
09-03-2014, 19:51
A useful tip for anyone who wants to visit the famous Roman aqueduct at Pont du Gard ...

I visited recently, for the first time in over 20 years, and discovered that now it's a World Heritage listed site, so rather than just park, walk and view, you now need the whole 'family day out with multi-media and games for the kids' experience!

Fine if you want that, and some do, but it comes at a cost (of course). 18€ gets you free parking and all the fun of the fair for up to 5 people in a vehicle. But for me on my own that was way too much.

So I was going to give it a miss. But then I drove to the west and spotted a footpath sign for Pont du Gard.

I parked nearby - just here http://tinyurl.com/n98mler - and walked in following the yellow waymarks. The path starts on the south side of the roundabout.

This is perfectly legitimate - I used a public right of way - and it has the bonus, apart from being free, of taking you to the Pont passing a long section of well preserved elevated feeder channel to the Pont itself.

The parking place is suitable for overnighting, but if you don't fancy this place I can recommend this location, from where there's a riverside path that you can walk along too - http://tinyurl.com/npw5kjx

09-03-2014, 20:40
The best way to see the Pont Du Gard is to hire a canoe and paddle up stream. It is absolutely fantastic as you pass underneath the amazing structure. The journey back is much easier as you are swept along on the gentle current of the river. A great experience.