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22-06-2005, 10:45
[B][COLOR=purple]Hi, my husband and I have had enough of the rat race and decided to sell everything we own and live in a motor home. We're very excited about our decision but also a little apprehensive as you can imagine.
Is it genrally easy to find overnight spots if you look hard enough? Our local authority are giving the impression at the moment that anyone with a motor vehicle is not welcome anywhere near Torbay judging by the keeness of our new "parking wardens."
What are your opinions on our decision? Do you think we're bonkers!! I'm starting to wonder...
This is a fab site by the way :)

22-06-2005, 21:31
we had an unfortunate incident in that area. just on the way up the hill out of town we had ominous screeching from the wheel bearing. having had this before in Scotlands we immeadiately pulled into this little square type place halway up the hill. after phone calls and help from tourist info place [on local garages we called out the RAC and they wopuld recover us, but not till tomorrow.
we had to spend the night and next morning there. the looks we got from the residents and business owners, especially from the owner of a posh [he thought so] restaurant.
they did not make us feel at all welcome even tho we'd had the breakdown and had no alternative.
there are places down there. I seem to remember we overnighted on the prom at Paignton. stay off the main roads and remember the pubs route [many will let you overnight if you eat and drink with them]
and Tescos apparently are ok with overnighters in their car parks [let the manager know / ask him].
easier in some places but we have overnighted successfully in the south west area for a couple of weeks only staying for longer than one night at Hayle, cornwall.
good luck

23-06-2005, 13:10
Hi Tamensteve,

On your decision to sell up and leave the rat race, I am doing exactly the same. I'm getting a divorce and rather than move out of the family home and into a small flat, I am going to move into my motorcaravan, which is just a small flat on wheels.

I'm going to save a lot of money that otherwise would have gone on rent or a mortgage, and will park my vehicle at wild camping spots, Caravan Club sites and in various front drives as and when I visit friends and relatives.

I was very worried about this decision, but I have met quite a few full-timers who have done this and none of them would ever wish to live in bricks and mortar again. If you get a copy of MMM it has details of travel consultants who can advise you about all the issues that you will face as a full time Motorhomer.

Regarding Torbay, I find that a lot of tourist resorts on the south coast have restrictions that prevent wild camping in car-parks, lay-bys etc. At Croyde for example, which is inundated by surfers when the surf is up, there are "no overnight camping" signs all over the place.

Best of Luck