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17-05-2008, 15:52
Are there any good spots in the Holmfirth area?

I seem to remember there was a car park and layby at the top of the hill on the road to Holme Moss and wondered if anyone had stayed there?

Hymer Duck
17-05-2008, 17:37
We visited Holmfirth last year and did struggle to find a good wild camp. As it became late in the day we stopped overnight in town centre. There is a supermarket but can't remember which one (may be Co op?) its near to Fire station as a landmark. It was quiet and a small river runs at the back of the car park. We parked in the corner riverside and from memory didn't pay anything but had to move early to avoid paying. Sorry its a bit vague but if you fail to find a pretty spot and its late on then this is a reasonable backup place.

Good Luck John

17-05-2008, 17:49
Thanks John,

We will be in the area quite early on so hopefully we will be able to secure somewhere. I'll remember your suggestion as a back up though.


17-05-2008, 20:45
Winscar Reservoir is just outside Holmfirth and has two car parks one small and one larger, no idea if they don't don't like overnight camping. If you wonder around the roads near there you will find something anyway. Also a Pub in Dunford Bridge - maybe a word with landlord would suffice.
If I get up early tommorrow I might have a ride out with the Dog.

18-05-2008, 16:12
I went past last Sunday. Think the pub is now closed. I wasn't boarded up or anything but only 1 car in its car park. This used to be a busy pub for cars, cyclists and walkers. I don't know if the top car park has a barrier but It is more screened with trees.

I went up Holme Moss on the same trip out, didn't stop other than for an ice cream at the top and to take in the views. I also noted the car park and lay bys, but it is very exposed up there. I just love the ride down from there, especially towards the Woodhead.


21-05-2008, 15:26
Thanks for your replies.

Telstar - When you say exposed do you mean to the weather or the local yobs?
I can cope with the weather ;)

BedfordMJ - Did you manage to venture out?

21-05-2008, 15:48
Hi Mark,
Sorry I didn't get time but I'll be up there some time soon.
best wishes


21-05-2008, 16:00
Thanks Simon, no problem :-)

21-05-2008, 17:20

weather, you are very high and no shelter.