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Whilst at Whilwell we walked into Reepham and I found a book called senior jokes, on our way home we went to Cromer and sat in the van in the carpark at the top of the town and I started reading the jokes - the following I found hilarious and decided to share with you all - it is a long one - enjoy

Ruby who lived in a Nursing Home, was confined to a wheelchair although she was otherwise physically strong and active. She was however two sandwiches short of a picnic.

Every night when most of her fellow residents had retired to their rooms for the night, she would whizz around the nursing home in her wheelchair making car noises Br rrrrm she was driving her car along a corridor making squealing noises as she took a turn too fast. beep beep she would shout, waking up anyone who had actually managed to fall asleep. Some of the residents were annoyed but msot of them had got used to Ruby's driving antics and were amused by them: some joined in.

As she hurtled round a corner one night, Colin stepped and raised his hand 'stop' She stopped 'May I see your driving licence madam, please madam? Ruby delved in her bag and produced a small diary which she handed to him: 'Here you are officer'. Colin took the diary, flicked through it and handed it back, and off she drove, just as Doris stepped up to her saying 'You can't park here, madam'

As she drove down the next corridor, Phil came out of his room and called 'stop' He leaned down to her asshe came to a halt 'Your left-hand headlight seems faulty madam, did you know this? 'Oh no, officer, the lights were working perfectly when I set off' Well may I see the vehicle's documentation? Ruby dug in her bag once again and this time produced a sheaf of old medication notes, which she handed to Phil. He made a play of examining the papers, handed them back and sent her on her way.

She was just approaching Eddies door when it flew open and he stepped out in front of her stark naked and in an all too obvious state of arousal, 'Stop! he cried.

'Oh no,' said Ruby, looking at what was in front of her. 'Not the breathalyser again!" :giggle:

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