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26-04-2014, 19:18
Have just spent last week in the borders and used my POI download using the "Maps with Me" app which is brilliant when you're in an area with poor connectivity as it's available offline. (I followed the instructions from the POI support thread to download to this app)

Used some of the suggested sites and woke up to some amazing views with quiet places to walk my dog :dog:. Thought I might add some more which I found - to add to your next update:

All located in Scottish Borders

Earlston LR just south of village. Busy A road but hid behind trees :ninja: on embankment to keep it feeling secure and private enough

Wallace Monument CR Small car park for 8 cars - gate gives access for popular walk to a Wallace monument so not suitable to stay during day and only for small vans. Worried as it stated was managed by a trust but maintenance man came in morning and saw I was having breakfast, said good morning and passed time of day with no questions.

Shankend (Hawick) LR. Neat pull off in wild open country. Didn't stay, but looked it over and would have been happy to stay

Kershopefoot LR. Large lay-by with high embankment between lay-by and quiet B road. Really peaceful (except for the lambs) and lovely views

Hope I have entered the co-ordinates in the correct format - I got them from Google Earth pins.
Hope you have a lovely time up this unspoilt area of the country - I'm definitely going back for more!

Take care

Can I make a comment about the lay-by at Crailing which is listed. 55.51386,-2.500709. I planned to stop here , but it felt like a side road rather than a proper lay-by, so I waited for half an hour before pulling my bed down. In that time several cars used it as a short cut to the other road and I felt vulnerable with cars driving by so closely. I have removed it from my downloaded map and wonder if you could add a comment to the POI to this effect in case people want something a little more "off-road". I moved to Jedburgh town centre and was happy in the car park there.

POI Admin
26-04-2014, 20:45
Please will you check the coordinates for the suggested locations - unfortunately none of them appear to be correct ...

Thanks :D

27-04-2014, 13:58
I have re-checked the co-ordinates using the pins on Google Earth and made minor adjustments to place in the middle of the site as 1,3 & 4 were a bit out but the Wallace monument car park was showing spot-on on my map using the same co-ordinates. Is it the format I am using as I included minutes and seconds, N & W when searching on GE not just numbers?
Sorry to cause confusion. If these new co-ordinates don't work then i don't know how else to record the information

Thanks for your help

POI Admin
27-04-2014, 14:34
I don't understand what the problem is ...

The main Wallace Monument car park is at 56.139883,-3.919383 when located using Google Maps. This is not even close to the latitude and longitude you've posted.

Could you please retry using Google Maps rather than Google Earth?

27-04-2014, 15:01

I have revised the co-ordinates in Red and these seem to work on Maps and Earth now!

I had used the place marker option in Earth to find the locations originally and it gave me a format using X XX'XX.XX"N, X XX'XX.XX"W . If you then just remove the notations it gives a completely different location to the one with the minute/second notes.
e.g. I tried the co-ordinates on a place marker for Buckingham palace and when I entered without the '/" etc it took me to a field in Welwyn!

So now I know and a useful point if anyone else needs to get correct co-ordinates - use Google maps rather than Google Earth

Thanks for letting me know - I was beginning to think I was going mad!

p.s. I don't think the Wallace monument I was at was THE Wallace monument as you can't see it from anywhere except close up. It should probably just be 'A William Wallace Statue in some woods on a hill' !

POI Admin
27-04-2014, 18:07
Thanks for your persistence - those all are correct now :D

I've added three of them to the POIs. The Shankend spot is too tight to the carriageway to be advisable in my view.

I have left the Crailing layby in the POIs - many would find it acceptable, as would I, and at the end of the day not all the POIs will suit everyone ...

Again, thanks.

28-04-2014, 20:17
No problem Mr/Ms Admin - wasn't recommending removal of lay-by - just commenting :)

I hoped I could put something back to help such a great service. I lurk on the chat forums but I'll probably not contribute much to conversations, so this is me - taking part! :wave::wave::wave:

I found someone in m/home parked up on one of my local POIs while I was walking past with my hound and I pointed him in the direction of the site :cheers:. The more the merrier eh?