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29-04-2014, 08:38
Hi all,
We're touring north west corner of France between Cherbourg and La Rochelle the first 2 weeks in July. Planning on staying on a mix of Aires and campsites. I like a spot of fishing with that chance of a trout for tea. I carry a little telescopic rod and a few mepps and wondering about permits and licence etc in france. I read you can buy an annual permit but I only need a couple of weeks worth. Anyone have any experience of this.

29-04-2014, 09:36
Hi we are down that way at a similar time, one of the sites I have been in contact with offer a one day river licence for 10 Euro

29-04-2014, 11:54
All the info you need is here. I believe you can get a two week vacation licence. I fish all the time in France but an annual licence is quite expensive!
Home - Fédération Nationale de la Pêche - Site Anglais (http://en.cartedepeche.fr/)

29-04-2014, 13:07
Enquires with some friends of mine who are into fishing in Pouance and will let you know

29-04-2014, 13:35
If you like trout fishing you could do well to stay at this British owned site in Aquitaine. I was lucky enough to catch a monster trout which shot off like bullets from a machine gun!

Lovely site in tranquil surroundings. You don't need a fishing licence either......

29-04-2014, 16:20
Thanks for the links. I had a looky and it seems a 7 day vacation permit is €30. Tbh I'm not a that serious an angler and probably wouldn't use it that much. I tend to get distracted after about an hour. Is sea fishing free off harbour walls and rocks. If I can't afford to eat trout, mackerel or pollack will do nicely.

29-04-2014, 16:37
SNIP Is sea fishing free off harbour walls and rocks. If I can't afford to eat trout, mackerel or pollack will do nicely.

Yes, a very popular free sport, although I heard some dark rumours last year about regulating certain areas. I've never seen anyone catch anything though.......

29-04-2014, 19:39
:rolleyes2: Did you notice that you need 2 license's if you intend travelling north to south each at €80! I'm not sure where the line crosses through. Stick to free sea fishing and buy your trout from the supermarket!!:tongue: Daughter lives in the SW of France and soninlaw talk to the local anglers, when breached about the license, just get the Gailec shrug. Suppose it's another one of those French rules few seem to bother with! Any thought on this Winnie??:rulez: Ought to be a European directive on this, adopt the Spanish rule, No license required for t he over 65's!! yes yes yes:lol-053::sleep-027: