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17-07-2005, 20:44
Hi, all

I'm another newbie. Had a trawl through the web re. wild camping a year or so ago.

Decided to join the Caravan and Camping Club instead and check out CL's as there was a lot of fears about safety then, especially abroad, people being gassed etc.

Don't know about you guys but I'm one of these that likes to pack up and go if the weather is good and every time I try and book anything half way decent through the club I find they're all well booked ahead.

Anyway, back on to the idea of wild camping but haven't tried any laybys as my vehicle is a demountable motorhome on a 4 x 4 which is pretty conspicuous. I also have a child under 2, so wouldn't be able to let him out of the van.

Just wondering if anyone would care to share any experiences of some of the more remote locations particularly in Dumfries and Galloway which is reasonably at hand for a long weekend trip.

I thought about Foresty Commision land or remote sheltered beaches.

Main problem with Scotland per se is I am a midge magnet. If there was a contest for who could attract the most midges I'd be on the podium every time.

Does this avon moisturiser really work?

I spent a year in Oz in my youth and used a concotion of citronella, baby oil and dettol to keep the mozzies at bay.

Repels everything in sight, including other human beings and I'd have to use engine degreaser to get the stuff off given that I only have a small water tank for the shower?

Anyway if anyone wants to share some info I'm sure I could contribute a bit back. Got to grips with inverters, solar panels, regulators and fitting home entertainment stuff into very tight spaces for when the midges are out.

Just gotta hope there's some nice spots to park up and a bit of sun in Scotland to keep me charged up.

cheers folks B) B)

18-07-2005, 22:11
Hi typhoon and welcome to the site

yep avon works quite well. they still fly round you but you dont get bit. it has citronella in i think.

yeast tabs , marmite and garlic capsules also help
candles keep them out of the van.
be warned the little b*ggers can get you if they get in and you go to sleep with exposed bits not avoned so burn the candle

plenty of places up in scotland that will be ok for you but be warned if you dismount and go off for the day not all the travellers can be trusted and they are likely to be using the same areas as you.
If you [or anyone else reading this] comes across some travellers ask if they have seen us the green beastie from Wales ecky and Isa's friends. no gtee but it might help if they are related.

only use layby's close to the road if you are pulling up sleeping and moving on, never plan to stay for long periods there. don't forget that you can ask in tesco's [after shopping ] if you could overnight in their cp. apparently they will usually say yes

dumfries and galloway. I have recently been told that the police are moving campers on in that area but have no first hand experience. It would seem to be against their law [but who is going to argue with a copper] which is different. but I have always found police to be reasonable [especially if you offer them a brew and a smile [they don't get many] lots further up in argyle and bute tho [see boards]

have a good trip and enjoy Scotland. It really is the most stupendous scenery.

19-07-2005, 18:43
Cheers Roi

I agree re. the scenery, no place I've ever been quite like it although I'm told Norway is the place if you can afford the grog.

My Wife used to be a copper, gave up when she got pregnant, didn't turn her into a ogre but I suppose you get some miserable ones just like anything else.

I don't think I'll dismount the camper in any wild spots on your advice, gonna give it a whirl this weekend in D & G as Sandyhills campsite is booked up till end August.

UK has the largest market in caravans in Europe and 1.5 million people took a caravan holiday last year. No wonder I can't get in anywhere.

I think they alter the laws in this country so that farmers can allow camping without being certificated or whatever. They could make a bit just charging a couple of quid a night for that bit extra security.



19-07-2005, 21:12
They could make a bit just charging a couple of quid a night for that bit extra security.

Hi Gary,
I used a farm 20 years ago and they got the taste for money.
Guess what? They turned it into a full blown caravan and camp site.

Check out the locations page, there are quite a few in that area.

With friendly greetings,

20-07-2005, 23:42
I know it is not wildcamping but the new british passion idea could be the answer
like french passion you sign up and get a book of tickets to use.
no fees are paid to the owner of the land [they just hope you will spend money with them in farm shop restaurant cafe etc]
costs £15 to join
and all MH's must be self contained. No supplies / facilities from the site.
try www.britishpassion.com

you would be ok in most places to dismaount but be warned about travellers. most are lovely people but some will have your wheels off while talking to you.

21-07-2005, 18:15
Thanks folks for the comments and helpful suggestions. The British Passion thing, had a quick look, would be interesting if you could find out where and what's available before stumping up the cash.

Anyone else joined and found it valuable?

Setting off in the morning (Fri) for D & G bit more reassured than I would have been had it not been for you guys



23-07-2005, 20:44
brit passion is still in the early days and they are just signing up these places so if you know of any pass them on to me and i will send them to carol. I have sent her a few already

so if there is a farm shop near you with a bit of hard standing for a camper send me the name and phone number.

don't bother if they are unfriendly types.

or restaurant, pub cafe or anything else you can think of.