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22-05-2014, 21:55
Stopped tonight for meal at Drummonds Restaurant, Ferry Road, Pitlochry. Asked the proprietor about the public car park opposite the restaurant. She said that motorhomes are allowed to park there but a better place would be the lorry park next door behind the trees. We checked it out and parking is free between 6pm and 8am, out with this a charge applies. Plenty of room, quiet, off the main road but still very handy for accessing the facilities of Pitlochry.
Latitude. N56.70162
Longitude. W3.73274

The lorry park is the second on the right.

By the way, I can highly recommend the restaurant. Food freshly cooked to order, superb portions, and reasonable prices

I hope some of you find this info useful

23-05-2014, 07:28
Do Drummonds still do that huge all day mixed grill breakfast?

23-05-2014, 07:39
Did not see the breakfast menu this time. Quite a while since the last time we ate here. I think it is new owners and we were told they don't open till 10 in the morning.
Staff very friendly though. We chose from the a la carte dinner menu as we were too late for special offers. Price still very reasonable though and the portions were good. While we were in quite a number of folk arrived. As it is not on the main road catching passing traffic, it must have a reputation locally for value for money as there are loads of places in Pitlochry competing for the business.

23-05-2014, 07:54
We did a stag do a few years ago and used Pitlochry as our base. Went to Drummonds on the Saturday night, and ordered 15 All Day Breakfasts. They were great, but they chef did request that maybe we ring ahead next time. So we booked ourselves in straight away for the same the next morning :D

23-05-2014, 07:57
Do Drummonds still do that huge all day mixed grill breakfast?

They haven`t got their own website and there`s no mention of it here :- Drummonds Restaurant and Public Bar Pitlochry (http://www.pitlochry-scotland.co.uk/restaurant/pitlochry/drummonds-restaurant-and-public-bar/)