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28-05-2014, 22:03
Hi has anyone wildcamped at Walney Island, Barrow in Furness and if so where was the best place to lay up as there are several places marked in the POI and I am not sur which one to choose as we are going to try there as a run out this weekend, and it will only be our second outing in our MH, so any feedback will be much appreciated Thanks

POI Admin
28-05-2014, 23:17
I spent a few nights on Walney last year.

The two locations on Biggar Bank are pleasant. The more northerly one is off the road a bit and is on grass. Fine if it's dry but could be awkward if it has been wet.

The most southerly location is quite remote, and the access road is quite rough. But it's a good spot to stop.

All the places are close together so I'd drive around and then take your pick.

29-05-2014, 11:31
We live on Walney and we often go out for tea and a paddle in good weather.

I've not looked at the POI for Walney, but would guess the North end was in there being popular with the Windsurfers and fishermen. The road at Earnse Bay was washed out during the storms and is not showing any signs of being rebuilt, so no vehicle access beyond the tarmac. The car park is huge and is used when the windsurfing competitions are on but might be subject to a bit of noise from the boy racers.

Along Biggar Bank, South of the Castle Hotel, the access points to the grassy area has been blocked off with boulders after some strife with "Travellers" last year after which there was some concil notices concerning a court case over ownership of the land stuck up on temporary posts. I had a read at them ,but damned if I can remember what it was all about. There is a layby a little further down which I've seen folk using.

If you head further South beyond Biggar Village the two best spots are on the West side at Honeypot Lane which will be subject to some noise from people going night fishing and on the East side opposite Sheep Island at the start of the sunken road to Piel Island. You might get some disturbance with folk parking up and walking over to Piel or driving over with off roaders and tractors.

Nice neck of the woods though so don't tell too many people.

POI Admin
29-05-2014, 14:35
Thanks - I've updated the POIs accordingly :D

29-05-2014, 22:23
Many thanks for the info, I will update my poi ASAP, and I hope to be able to travel up there soon.

20-08-2014, 18:45
Hi All,

The coast road on Earnse Bay in Walney is potentially going to have its access rights revoked after it was made impassible by the storms of last year.
I know it was a popular spot for wildcampers, where you could park up overlooking the sea with no bother whatsoever.

Please support this petition to keep access open if you could, for more information follow the link below, cheers!

Earnse Bay access action - Activism - Petition Online - UK (http://www.activism.com/en_GB/petition/earnse-bay-access-action/62877)