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30-05-2014, 14:16
I have had a message about this location:

Could you please remove West Angle Bay Car Park in Pembrokeshire from any of the POI listings that you have - if it is on your list?
I'm the National Park Ranger responsible for the site and we are getting a huge number of complaints about overnight camping by motorhomes, mostly from local residents. We do have no overnight parking signs in the car park but they are regularly removed. Recent conversations with campers have suggested that the car park is recommended on the internet as a free campsite, and all my online searches have led me to your forums.

If you could help pass on the message that overnight parking or camping is not allowed at this site I'd be really grateful. We are considering a legal order to issue fixed penalty fines and it would be a shame if we had to take that route.


POI Admin
30-05-2014, 15:00
This location is not, and never has been, in the Wild Camp POIs.

It was not listed because of the presence of signs prohibiting overnight parking ...

Sharon the Cat
30-05-2014, 15:15
I hope someone has politely informed the NT guy of this. We plan to be in the area in a couple of weeks.

Having said that if we're in Angle it'll be by the Point House 'cos we like a pint.

30-05-2014, 16:14
Sorry folks but this makes my blood boil

Admin can you respond to the 'park ranger?

As someone who uses the car park I have to add my thoughts, just as the ranger has done.

As far as I know the land is owned by John Mirehouse and left to the enjoyment of the people, can the ranger state the correct landowner please?

Complaints from the locals, ?? ..be more precise? What are they complaining about ? I'm sure it's not the landlord of the Point, The Hib' or the girl that's just taken over the village shop as I' m sure that they are all very grateful for the amount of money that goes through the tills of local business from owners of campervans. Not so long ago I spent 20.00 at a fete in the village hall towards the centenary ( or something like that) ,all money gong to the 'locals' ! last week I spent money at the mad hatters tea party and the cream tea event, all in support of 'the locals' ( not to mention how much we spent in the two pubs !)

The French are most welcome to money gong through the tills of local business from campervans,. The national park should be grateful and welcoming of campervans as, at the end of the day , we are tourists who choose to spend time AND MONEY in your national park !!

We always always do litter pick of the car park when we are there.

How about all the locals who, on a regular basis, bring their dogs to the beach , every day, OFF THE LEAD s**ting all over the beach , is the said ranger checking them out ? They are supposed to be ON A LEAD

I am very very interested what the problem is, what the 'complaint' is etc how can campervans respond if we don't know what the problem is ?

Complaints about campervans are in the minority and from ignorance about the respect campervaners have for the places they stay..

Come on ranger, spill the beans, exactly what is the complaint about ?

John Thompson
30-05-2014, 16:38
National Parks have legal authority to control everything in the area defined by the order. It is of no importance who the land owner is.

As such the Park Authority can instigate a legal order and thereafter to issue fixed penalty fines.

National Parks are set up under The 1949 National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act,

Every National Park Authority is legally made to produce a National Park Management Plan. This document sets out a five year plan for the National Park. A large amount of land within the National Parks is owned by private landowners.