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18-06-2014, 07:33
Hi all

We are heading to Germany next friday and was wondreing do i need a emissions sticker to travel the Romantic road. Also do i need to get anything special for driving in austria and italy.

Thanks in advance

ps any other info ( ie must see and do's) on the Romantic Road or the rest of our trip would be really helpful
Thinking of Germany,Austria,Italy and back to calais through france


18-06-2014, 10:06

see this link to an interactive map for " Umweltzonen" in Germany.

ADAC Maps - Kostenloser Routenplaner, Reise- und Verkehrsinformationen (http://maps.adac.de/Default.aspx?preset=true&id=136&x1=1093860&y1=6175018&x2=1126945&y2=6161207)

you can enlarge the map and click on the blue icons and then you will additionally get pdf maps of the exact confines of the "umweltzonen" within the town centers.
The LEZs are mainly applicable only for the inner parts of the centers, so "no threat" at all. Simply park a little bit outside and take a bike or bus.....or leave out that LEZ town and take the neighbouring town, which is as nice as the LEZ town and spend your money there, as i do :lol-053: :lol-053: :lol-053:.
And when you drive into a LEZ without sticker....don`t panic, nobody will recognize a running car without sticker, simply donīt park and drive away.
I think romantic road is no problem at all.

have fun with planning

PS: Itīs only in German but self explaining and the best i found, the written text is not interesting, only rules and exemptions

19-06-2014, 06:58
Thanks for that i will have a look now :banana::banana::banana: