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31-07-2005, 22:46
Parked overnight, right of the pier on the seafront,toilets open 6.00am & fresh water tap just at the side,there were two MV also parked up for the night.

22-01-2006, 08:58
The car parks next to water have signs saying no motorhomes or caravans. The big car park through the arches has a sign saying no overnighting. Not sure about the coach park. We found a picnic site a few miles out of town on A 819.This was on the right hand side. It looks like an ordinairy layby but it goes back off the road.

29-08-2006, 09:57
we parked the night in the coach car park but it was terribly noisy as there is a youth hostel accross the road (we didnt discover this until morning after a night of broken worried sleep!) and we encountered one grumpy coach driver early morning. i tried to point out that at 8m long we did not fit into regular spaces but still received dogs abuse. wish i had the number plate to report the driver as he was very abusive.

31-08-2006, 20:58
As I assume, you are a townie, you may have to change your perception of where you feel safe!!! I to, have stopped at Inverary, but chose the parking areas before and enjoyed quite a few peaceful nights there. I travelled, at the time in a Bedford MJ, some 22 foot long, 7 foot wide and 12 foot high. The vehicle, myself and three dogs fitted quite happily into the space. The traffic subsided after a certain time, as everyone has a home to go to.

21-05-2010, 19:32
The Picnic site on the Oban road has boulders at the entrance blocking access