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n brown
05-07-2014, 16:21
cursed with a bald head and a wooden leg,a man is surprised to be invited to a fancy dress party. he contacts a theatrical costumiers and asks them to supply an outfit that will disguise these disabilities
a few days later a parcel arrived,containing a pirate outfit and a spotted hanky. a covering letter explained-' the hanky will hide your baldness and the outfit will be enhanced by your wooden leg'
the man's furious and sends an irate e-mail complaining that the outfit draws attention to his leg.
a week later another box arrives,this time containing a monk's habit .-the letter explains that the habit will hide his wooden leg,and his bald head will go nicely with the outfit
the man is furious again,and fires off another rant,demanding the firm does as asked-an outfit that hides his problems !
a couple of days letter a package arrives,and the man opens it to find a tin of treacle and a note saying '' pour this over your head,stick your wooden leg up your arse, and go as a toffee apple, you grumpy ******* ! ''